Saturday, November 02, 2013

PHYSICALLY FIT: Mentally, Not So Much

The indoor lap pool at Lakeview Athletic Club. Image: Yelp
Police were called to the Lakeview Athletic Club at Broadway and Belmont around 10:30 Friday morning after someone allegedly "tried to drown" a person, ostensibly in the club's indoor swimming pool.

One person was taken into custody in the matter, which is recorded as a simple battery in CPD case #HW516157.


  1. Fantastic - that's my gym. Calamity there too...

  2. Is there any information on who both parties were? I'm assuming the member had to be a member of the gym.

  3. Chicago to put off-duty cops on OT in 20 parks, mostly at night

    The Chicago Police Department is launching a new overtime program to put off-duty cops in the city’s most dangerous parks, even as overtime becomes a hot issue at City Hall. The initiative starts this month.


    Are we living in a tsunami of insanity?

  4. LOVE, love , love the titles! Truth with a touch of irony and humor.

  5. recently terminated my membership there. not suprised this would happen as some of the membership seemed prone to drama. not a good gym anyway, if not for Sharon Wentzs' yoga classes and the climbing wall it'd be totally worthless.

    1. Really? I really like LVAC and I work out there 4-5x per week. I don't see any of this drama that you wrote about - but then again I work-out during the day when it's less busy.

  6. I'm a member of that gym, have been for a few years. As a woman, Iv never felt unsafe there. I think it's a great place. I hope this was an isolated incident.