Friday, November 15, 2013

PEOPLE IN THE HOOD: Repeat Robbery Arrestee Spotted, Stopped

Another local nuisance, who has been arrested at least twice this year for participating in robberies in the neighborhood, was stopped by police across from the 19th district police station at 8:34 this morning.
During the street stop, the individual could be heard explaining to officers that he "just came out of there." It is not clear where "there" is, however nearby structures include the aforementioned police station, apartment buildings, and the Lakeview Lutheran Church, which houses the Crib youth shelter.

Police were called to Waveland and Halsted Monday morning after a 911 caller reported that the same man was standing outside of Whole Foods. The caller reported that the 19-year-old was wanted for domestic battery after allegedly beating a woman "inside a church."

It was raining at the time and officers did not see anyone standing outside. Security guards told the responding officer that the 19-year-old is "banned" from entering the Center on Halsted.


  1. THANK YOU to all the officers on the frontlines taking care of business. You are SO appreciated and honored! Too bad the mayor of this city and your dutifully loyal superintendent seem to live in an alternative universe regarding the creeps on our streets and the misery they perpetuate.

    Emanuel, police union clash during contract talks


    Mayor Rahm Emanuel has made an opening contract offer to Chicago police, the union says it’s an insult and the two sides continue to head down a path that could end with arbitration.,0,210716.story

    Perhaps the only thing this mayor understands is equally rigid hard ball and a dead fish or two from the force. I (and I'm sure the majority of us) support the police out there, stressed, overworked, facing God knows what risk next who put their lives on the line for us every day, NOT these politicians! I would hope the aldermen would find their spines and stand with the police, fantasy probably I know.

    1. Unfortunately, Chicago's aldermen are nothing more than a really expensive "rubber stamp" for the mayor. Whatever Daley wanted, they went along with it. There is not change with Rham. Whatever he wants, they rubber stamp it as well.

  2. May I add: I'm NOT against the officers having to contribute some to their benefits. That's only fair and right, especially with these in-the-red, strained budgets and doomsday pension scenarios. I'm for their appropriate pay for the job and most important: boosted, adequate force coverage immediately for the mission.

  3. Anonymous, did you realize we already pay healthcare? Did you also realize that we contribute 9% of our pre tax salary to our pension? We get nothing for free, and the end of a bad day can result in death. The city continually makes it seem like we sit around and light cigars with 100 dollar bills, all while voting themselves raises. Ask yourself something (everyone reading this as well). When did you ever hear about reducing the alderman or mayors pensions? Hasn't happened because their pension fund has plenty of money in it. Why? Because the city has contributed their portion into it. This has not been the case for the police, I imagine this also goes along with every city worker but I'm not sure. In our pension not only has the city not paid their portions, they have stolen millions from the actual funds paid by officers in speculation deals which failed.

  4. Thank you for you inforrmation. I'm going by the article:

    "Shields also was displeased with Emanuel’s proposal that newly retired FOP members be required to pay

    4 percent toward health care that’s currently free"

    So, that's not true that it's free?

    As I said, I stand with the police, not the politicians in this lunacy. Thank you for serving, for all you and your families endure. It serves no good purpose nor makes sense to have a currently overburdened, understaffed, stressed out force .. for sound physical and mental health, morale of the force, efficient execution of the mission .... and for the safety of the community. God bless and protect you all.

  5. I LOVE our Police!!! Many, quite literally! :-)