Friday, November 15, 2013

PEOPLE IN THE HOOD: Repeat Robbery Arrestee Spotted, Stopped

Another local nuisance, who has been arrested at least twice this year for participating in robberies in the neighborhood, was stopped by police across from the 19th district police station at 8:34 this morning.
During the street stop, the individual could be heard explaining to officers that he "just came out of there." It is not clear where "there" is, however nearby structures include the aforementioned police station, apartment buildings, and the Lakeview Lutheran Church, which houses the Crib youth shelter.

Police were called to Waveland and Halsted Monday morning after a 911 caller reported that the same man was standing outside of Whole Foods. The caller reported that the 19-year-old was wanted for domestic battery after allegedly beating a woman "inside a church."

It was raining at the time and officers did not see anyone standing outside. Security guards told the responding officer that the 19-year-old is "banned" from entering the Center on Halsted.