Sunday, November 03, 2013

OVERNIGHT MISCELLANY: Odds & Ends From A Busy Night

A silent alarm was triggered three, three, three times within a few minutes around 4:55AM at the 7-Eleven store on Broadway at Barry. After the third alarm was triggered, 911 started getting calls from citizens who reported seeing a man inside threatening the staff. Police response was delayed because the district was short on officers at the time.

Fire Bug
There were two reports of garbage fires being set in the area just before 5 o'clock this morning.

The first incident was reported at Belmont and Sheffield at 4:55AM. Then, at 4:58AM, an officer found a pile of boxes on fire nearby in the 3200 block of N. Seminary. No damage has been reported.

Mmm. No Thanks. I'm Just Looking.
A concerned citizen reported "six black, male, transgenders" soliciting at the corner of Clark and Roscoe.


  1. A silent alarm at a seven eleven is serious and the fact that they pressed it three times and still no response is a prime example of the impact caused by too few CPD officers in Lake View. This one incident should get attention through the media. Tunney mentioned the issue in his monthly newsletter for the first time, that I recall. Imagine an interview with the clerk explaining their fear as the kept pressing the button that's supposed to bring help.

  2. ROFL @ "Mmm. No thanks. I'm just looking."