Friday, November 08, 2013

OVERHEARD: Things That Make You Go Huh?

Hey, it's Friday. Let's loosen up a bit around here…

TSA: On The Case!
Wednesday, November 6, 3:22PM—The Transportation Security Administration asked 19th district police to check on the well-being of an employee who lives in the 700 block of Waveland.

The TSA said that the employee "hasn't been to work in three weeks" and they're "getting concerned."

GOOD CALL: Iffy Description
Friday, November 8, 12:31PM—A witness saw a man breaking into a home a couple of blocks west of Wrigley Field in the 3700 block of N. Janssen.
DISPATCHER: [The burglar] is a man. We know that. Unknown race. Unknown pants. Unknown jacket. 
OFFICER: So he's invisible!?!
On a serious note, the caller was absolutely right about seeing a break-in. A burglar had crawled through a front window, then burgled an apartment before fleeing out the back door.

Officers arrived quickly—within 3 minutes of the call being dispatched—but the burglar was already gone.

Recorded as a burglary in CPD case #HW525625.


  1. This may be another one of those things .... not that it's not a matter of some importance ... but in light of what's now a crime crisis in and around his district night and day, where the H*** are his priorities?

    Tunney to Dog Owners: Mind the Poop

  2. Actually, I've noticed that unattended dog poop has increased greatly this past week. If I were to hazard a guess why, it would be the time change and the fewer daylight hours.

  3. Three weeks missing work before the TSA investigated? LOL.

  4. They arrived, but not quick enough. Sad even if a crime is seen and calls 911 they will still get away

    1. Here's a hint: DO NOT yell at the man breaking into the house "I'm calling the police", just do it and the police will get there (most of the time) before he gets away. If you tip him off that you're calling the police, of course he's gonna hurry up and leave!!