Monday, November 25, 2013

ON THE CHEAP: Dozens Of Accidents As City Gets Stingy With The Salt

So, did the neighborhood's streets seem very slick and noticeably devoid of salt Monday?

CTA buses, school buses, a man in a wheelchair, cars, more cars, pedestrians, and still more cars. They were all involved in dozens of traffic accidents Monday afternoon as ice-covered roads sat untreated for hours on end.

Here is a sampling:

1:44PM: As a police unit drives in to end his shift, he sees an accident at 3400 Sheffield. One vehicle is not drivable.

2:32PM: UNIT—Is Streets & San aware it's slick out and there's ice on the ground?

4:11PM: Traffic accident victims walk in to the 19th district station to file a report.

4:12PM: Auto accident, no injuries 16XX Barry.

4:20PM: Auto accident, no injuries. Irving and Hermitage.

4:22PM: Auto accident, with injuries. Addison and Lake Shore Drive.

4:28PM: Auto accident, no injuries. Grace and Clifton.

4:31PM: An officer witnesses a 3-vehicle crash involving a CTA bus at Broadway and Addison (not the same as the 4:22PM crash).

4:32PM: Auto accident involving a school bus, no injuries. Altgeld and Southport. Ambulance en route because there was a child on board.

4:36PM: Hit and run 6XX Grace. FedEx truck hit his car and fled.

4:37: Auto accident, no injuries. Halsted and Waveland at Whole Foods parking lot. One car is not drivable. No injuries.

4:40PM: OFFICER: "Would you please call Streets and San again? People are sliding all over the place."

4:47PM: An officer and a CTA driver fell down on ice at the scene of an incident. "Anybody walking, they're falling down," the officer says. Request immediate salting.

4:54PM: Auto accident, no injuries. 39XX Bell. UPS truck vs. a car. Call came in 2 hours ago.

4:57PM: Auto accident, no injuries. Sheridan and Pine Grove. Call came in an hour ago.

4:57PM: Man in a wheelchair hit by a car at Irving Park and Western. Ambulance on the way.

5:00PM: Auto accident, no injuries. Wilson and Malden.

5:02PM: A person who claims to have been involved with the CTA bus crash at Broadway and Addison walks into the police station.

5:07PM: Officers come across a minor accident 13XX Wilson. They'll send the parties into the station.

5;08PM: Auto accident, no injuries involving a CTA bus. Broadway at Sheridan.

5:13PM: Auto accident, no injuries. 1801 Lawrence.

5:15PM: Officers happen upon an accident at Broadway and Sunnyside. At least one vehicle not drivable.

5:19PM: Auto accident, no injuries. Henderson and Paulina.

5:19PM: Auto accident, no injuries. Melrose and Lincoln.

5:19PM: Auto accident, school bus vs. vehicle. No injuries. Damen and Montrose.

5:21PM: Sergeant: "Are Streets and San going to send some trucks up to do some salting?"

5:23PM: UNIT: "Sheet of ice. Let Streets and San know we definitely need salt here. 20XX Montrose. Roll an ambulance." Person on bus claims neck injuries.

5:24PM: UNIT: "It's a miracle! I've spotted a salt truck on Sheridan!"

5:27PM: Auto accident, no injuries. 30XX Lincoln. One driver refuses to exchange info.

5:44PM: Auto accident with injuries. Addison and Western.

5:48PM: Auto accident, no injuries. Broadway and Buena.

5:49PM: Auto accident. Racine and Leland.

5:50PM: Auto accident, no injuries. Barry and Greenview.

6:01PM: Auto accident, property damage. Sheffield and Addison.

6:10PM: Officer encounters an accident at Broadway and Sheridan.

6:14PM: Hit and run, 19XX Cornelia.

6:16PM: Officer says the 6:10PM accident is resolved, but a 3-car accident just took place across the street. He'll be over there. Can another unit bring him some blank traffic accident reports? He has run out.

6:17PM: Unit 1913 will take some reports to him.

6:22PM: Unit 1913 got waved down to handle an auto accident at 39XX Clark. They'll deliver those blank reports when they're done.

6:34PM: Auto accident, property damage. Lincoln and Wellington.....


  1. Streets n San is tied up on safe passage. The streets will have to wait.

  2. All day long?? This is unbelievable! And no reason or answers from Streets & San? SOMEbody must have to answer for this needless wreckage. That list needs to go to City Hall.

    1. and when that sawed-off arrogant little prick gets done laughing at said list, he'll give you some word salad that will end with something about"kids". are people REALLY gonna vote this jagoff and the current crop of aldercreatures another term of political fuckery perpetrated on us ?

  3. I venture to guess that city hall is well aware of the lack of salt applied to city streets --as I suspect the good old Mayor Rahm once again was brainstorming on ideas to skim funds from essential city services. The hit to public safety clearly does not register with this ass. I am sure if called out at a press conference he will either ignore the question and run or he will indulge his citizens and explain that the claim that the streets were not salted is simply not true and is simply our perception which is not based in reality. And drivers must have forgotten how to drive in the winter. We must drive slowly in the winter, he will lecture us,and to help us achieve this goal he will be installing more speed and red light cameras on every street. All this because he cares about our safety and he will not tolerate this. But for sure plenty of salt is applied in fact compared to the previous mayor under his direction the city has 1000 more pounds of salt on the street....for reals! no lie i swear..

    1. Nice! We should salt the streets....for the children! We already have speed cameras for the children and an increase in the cigarette tax for the health of the children. Perhaps he is concerned that salting the streets would raise the children's sodium levels?

    2. I wouldn't be surprised if Rahm stepped up enforcement of the law that requires homeowners to keep their sidewalk cleared of snow. He'll award a contract to a private company to start issuing citations of $500 for your sidewalk being slippery. That should help put a dent in the budget gap.

  4. Isn't the Streets & Sanitation commissioner in prison? Or is that the previous one I'm thinking of? I can't keep track of which government officials are in or out of prison.

  5. They want you to slip and slide through the red light cameras. I like how the cops are planted outside of the schools waiting for someone to make a wrong move while class is in session too.

  6. Surprised ? Rahm is a CEO, not a mayor.

    Road salt is like free condiments in the cafeteria
    Cops are the security guards in the lobby.

  7. It's not like the snow was any surprise. This is inexcusable. Where do they think we are, Alabama where they don’t have the resources to deal with snow? The citizens should push a ballot initiative to fine the mayor and every city councilman $5,000 for each time it snows and they don’t salt the roads. The city may have saved money, but everybody else pays (both directly through higher auto insurance premiums and deductibles and indirectly through the auto insurance companies). They seem to like increasing fines on the citizens; let’s see how they like it when fines on them get increased. While we are at it, the mayor, the police chief, and the applicable alderman should be fined $1,000 for every robbery or mugging. That will get their attention.

    Mayor, you failed snow in Chicago and it wasn’t even a heavy snow. You should be fired!

    1. Deduct this as a "service fee" on your next property tax payment. The only problem is they have your SSN and you sure as hell aren't getting his.

  8. My street got plenty of salt, but maybe it was because Biden was visiting a house across the street. I think all of Streets and San were making sure Cleveland looked perfect for him--and then he went in the back alley entrance. There was a still an accident at the intersection with Armitage.

  9. Add me to that list. 5-10mph accident trying desperately to stop for a red light and rear ended some guy. Traded insurance and had Geico on the phone in front of him while we did so. Then he tried to tell us we didn't have insurance and he was going to sue because we "hit and run". We just sent him the voicemail from the Geico adjuster. You know, the guy they send out when you don't have insurance. I love people. And I love this city for not salting so that this all had the chance to happen in the first place. Thanksssssss!!!!!!!!

  10. Vote Rahm and Tunney out.

    1. I agree! And there's quite a few other worthless Aldermen out there who deserve the boot as well. Why are we paying all these Aldermen all this money for them just to rubber-stamp the whims of the mayor?

      The mayor doesn't give a crap that good neighborhoods are starting to resemble ghetto's. Why would he care? He has a security detail.

      I think the best way to force change is to be extremely vocal about what is really going on. I'm very happy that France put out a warning about the violence. Unfortunately, they forgot to mention the high-end areas that are becoming overrun with crime, too.

    2. FYI... Tunney voted for rahm's budget.

  11. Posted this on Tunney's FB page, and emailed him as well. Will post if/when I get a response.

    Alderman Tunney - Yesterday there were over 30 vehicle accidents in Lakeview from 4pm - 6.30pm, apparently due to lack of salt being applied to the streets. This is very dangerous, especially considering there were accidents involving a school bus, a pedestrian in a wheelchair, a CTA bus, among others. I am aware that the police notified Streets and Sanitation several times and still the streets were not salted for hours. This storm wasn't a surprise and wasn't even heavy, so I am very concerned about what this foretells for the winter to come and the response from Streets and Sanitation on our roadways. As a resident concerned with safe streets for pedestrians and vehicles, who should I contact when a critical situation such as this arises? Thank you.

  12. it's the broken windows economic theory again.

    these accidents will cause the velocity of money changing hands to increase and will enable the mayor to boast about chicago's gdp and how the economy is growing... we are creating much needed jobs for body and fender mechanics....doc's are writing scrips for the pain and suffering of the injured and that helps the big pharma exec's bonuses. we may need to create more crony business-political partnerships directing city colleges to offer body and paint classes to fill the labor shortages....

    first quietly make a crisis rahm then with great pomp and circumstance use the crisis. issue pr's to the media on how you're the great savior of our time. don't let it interrupt your campaign fund raising dinners tho. k.