Monday, November 25, 2013

ON THE CHEAP: Dozens Of Accidents As City Gets Stingy With The Salt

So, did the neighborhood's streets seem very slick and noticeably devoid of salt Monday?

CTA buses, school buses, a man in a wheelchair, cars, more cars, pedestrians, and still more cars. They were all involved in dozens of traffic accidents Monday afternoon as ice-covered roads sat untreated for hours on end.

Here is a sampling:

1:44PM: As a police unit drives in to end his shift, he sees an accident at 3400 Sheffield. One vehicle is not drivable.

2:32PM: UNIT—Is Streets & San aware it's slick out and there's ice on the ground?

4:11PM: Traffic accident victims walk in to the 19th district station to file a report.

4:12PM: Auto accident, no injuries 16XX Barry.

4:20PM: Auto accident, no injuries. Irving and Hermitage.

4:22PM: Auto accident, with injuries. Addison and Lake Shore Drive.

4:28PM: Auto accident, no injuries. Grace and Clifton.

4:31PM: An officer witnesses a 3-vehicle crash involving a CTA bus at Broadway and Addison (not the same as the 4:22PM crash).

4:32PM: Auto accident involving a school bus, no injuries. Altgeld and Southport. Ambulance en route because there was a child on board.

4:36PM: Hit and run 6XX Grace. FedEx truck hit his car and fled.

4:37: Auto accident, no injuries. Halsted and Waveland at Whole Foods parking lot. One car is not drivable. No injuries.

4:40PM: OFFICER: "Would you please call Streets and San again? People are sliding all over the place."

4:47PM: An officer and a CTA driver fell down on ice at the scene of an incident. "Anybody walking, they're falling down," the officer says. Request immediate salting.

4:54PM: Auto accident, no injuries. 39XX Bell. UPS truck vs. a car. Call came in 2 hours ago.

4:57PM: Auto accident, no injuries. Sheridan and Pine Grove. Call came in an hour ago.

4:57PM: Man in a wheelchair hit by a car at Irving Park and Western. Ambulance on the way.

5:00PM: Auto accident, no injuries. Wilson and Malden.

5:02PM: A person who claims to have been involved with the CTA bus crash at Broadway and Addison walks into the police station.

5:07PM: Officers come across a minor accident 13XX Wilson. They'll send the parties into the station.

5;08PM: Auto accident, no injuries involving a CTA bus. Broadway at Sheridan.

5:13PM: Auto accident, no injuries. 1801 Lawrence.

5:15PM: Officers happen upon an accident at Broadway and Sunnyside. At least one vehicle not drivable.

5:19PM: Auto accident, no injuries. Henderson and Paulina.

5:19PM: Auto accident, no injuries. Melrose and Lincoln.

5:19PM: Auto accident, school bus vs. vehicle. No injuries. Damen and Montrose.

5:21PM: Sergeant: "Are Streets and San going to send some trucks up to do some salting?"

5:23PM: UNIT: "Sheet of ice. Let Streets and San know we definitely need salt here. 20XX Montrose. Roll an ambulance." Person on bus claims neck injuries.

5:24PM: UNIT: "It's a miracle! I've spotted a salt truck on Sheridan!"

5:27PM: Auto accident, no injuries. 30XX Lincoln. One driver refuses to exchange info.

5:44PM: Auto accident with injuries. Addison and Western.

5:48PM: Auto accident, no injuries. Broadway and Buena.

5:49PM: Auto accident. Racine and Leland.

5:50PM: Auto accident, no injuries. Barry and Greenview.

6:01PM: Auto accident, property damage. Sheffield and Addison.

6:10PM: Officer encounters an accident at Broadway and Sheridan.

6:14PM: Hit and run, 19XX Cornelia.

6:16PM: Officer says the 6:10PM accident is resolved, but a 3-car accident just took place across the street. He'll be over there. Can another unit bring him some blank traffic accident reports? He has run out.

6:17PM: Unit 1913 will take some reports to him.

6:22PM: Unit 1913 got waved down to handle an auto accident at 39XX Clark. They'll deliver those blank reports when they're done.

6:34PM: Auto accident, property damage. Lincoln and Wellington.....