Tuesday, November 26, 2013

NOTES: Center Stays Active; Aldermen Pass, Then Don't Pass Plan For More Cops

It may be cold out side, but things are staying hot at the Center on Halsted (COH), 3656 N. Halsted.

Sunday, November 24, 6:41PM
Criminal trespass in progress is reported at the COH. A man named "Robert," described as male, black, wearing a red hoodie with a yellow and black jacket, is on the second floor, but he's banned from the building. The man flees northbound in an alley behind Halsted Street before police arrive.

Tuesday, November 26, 7:25PM
A woman inside the COH claims that she was just threatened by a man and his niece. The two offenders are still inside the building. Police file an assault report in case #HW547968. It does not appear than an arrest is made.

No Cops For You!
On a voice vote yesterday, the City's Budget Committee passed a plan to use $25 million to hire 500 more cops in 2014. The money would come from the Police Department's huge overtime allotment.

But, then, one of the aldermen mentioned that the committee had to have a roll call vote, putting each alderman down on record as having voted for or against. That being the case, the entire plan was tabled by an overwhelming 18-4. So, no more cops next year.


  1. So the plan was tabled - until when? What can we do to get this actually voted on instead of being "tabled"? Obviously they wanted to vote for it, and passed it until they knew their names would be attached to their votes. I just don't understand why our Aldermen and women WOULDN'T want their name attached to something that would get more police officers on the force to help make their constituents safer? How do we find out who voted which way and make darn sure their constituents know? It's reprehensible to just pay overtime and tax an already too small, overworked, and overstressed police force, rather than hiring more new police officers. It's just kicking the can down the road. Eventually these police officers will retire or quit or move the heck away from this craziness, and then what? They're going to NEED to hire new police officers and putting it off until we have even fewer and our city and neighborhoods have fallen into deeper and worse crime and violence problems is not the answer. How bad do things need to get before these talking heads actually pay attention and provide for their citizens and constituents? And frankly, how stupid do constituents have to be to vote these morons in again and again? It's like being in an abusive relationship - they SAY they'll do something, and then do the exact opposite which only harms us.

    1. I emailed Ald. Tunney last night to ask how he voted. They did not respond, so you can probably guess that it's not something they want to talk about.

      I emailed the City Clerk's office. They responded with how to find out.

      "For ordinance/legislation information not listed via the clerk's Legislative Information Center website (http://chicago.legistar.com/), please contact the council division of the clerk's office at 312.744.6870. They will be happy to help you."

  2. I'll be interested to see over the next couple of election how many aldermen are challenged by people running very strong campaigns on the neighborhood crime issue? And how any Aldermen will get booted out of office? We could see an avalanche of change in those offices.

    Keep an eye on how Tunney decides on the Broadway Youth Center zoning issue. At both the October and November SELVN meetings a lot of neighbors voiced their safety concerns with experiences to back them up. Tunney heard them in person at the November meeting. If he green lights the zoning request that will speak volumes, and his re-election chances will have just gotten harder. These people need to held accountable by the residents of the neighborhoods.

    1. I hope all these spineless, rubber-stamping (what the mayor wants) Aldermen are all given the boot.

      I will not only vote for a candidate who it tough on crime, I'll volunteer, go door to door....whatever it takes to get Tunny, the wimp, out.

  3. Meanwhile...the Alderman has been busy addressing the drunken mess that Clark Street has devolved into...oh wait, he appears to be trying to make the situation worse:


  4. A worthless pimp for Wrigleyville, now Thugleyvile.
    I have more respect for a real prostitute, oldest profession in the world - at least they are making an honest living.

    Now his cancer has spread to Thugstown and Lincthug Park.

  5. Mark Thomas sent a harsh and pointed message to Ald. tunney about the failure to approve more officers and the Alderman's empty response to a community petition.