Monday, November 25, 2013

MISSING PIECES: Thieves Strike Yet Another Honda

Still more reasons to not own a car in Chicago (although this Ventra thing has us reconsidering):

4:34PM Sunday
Officers on routine patrol find a silver Honda sitting on blocks in the 3600 block of Recreation Drive north of Belmont Harbor. All of the Honda's wheels are gone. Police locate the owner at a nearby residence.

If you haven't heard about the recent run of Honda wheel thefts, you can read up on them HERE.

3:33AM Monday
A caller sees a man stealing parts from underneath a red SUV at Kenmore and Barry. The offender then flees westbound in a dark SUV. He is not found.

…and from our email this morning:
The catalytic converter on our Toyota Rav 4 was stolen at some point [Saturday night or Sunday morning] on the 3000 block of N. Kenmore, and we filed a police report today.  I know that that one recurring offender was caught a few months back, but apparently this is still happening.  I wanted to pass this story along in case you were getting similar reports from others.
…Without your reporting, I would never have known what was going on with our car this morning when we turned it on to an insane amount of noise.  But I remembered the recent thefts, so we looked under the car, and voila!  Two unconnected pipes with a huge space where a catcon used to be.  It pissed us off, but I was grateful in some small way to at least be able to identify the problem immediately.

You may have noticed that the emailer's loss took place within a block of where the guy was seen crawling under a red SUV this morning.
Image: Car Planet O


  1. My Hondas catalytic converter was stolen on pine grove and surf about 3 weeks ago. I didn't report it but it still happened.

  2. I know people that park their car in that lot on LSD north of Belmont. I wouldn't. What an opportune place!

  3. My catalytic converter was stolen on Wrightwood west of Halsted about two weeks ago. I did report it to the police.

  4. This has hit quiet West Ridge as well - all four wheels gone on a parked car, 2500 block of Morse Ave.

    1. As populated as this city is, they have to doing that awful quick with pneumatic tools or something. I say be on the lookout for tow trucks, windowless cargo vans, etc. I would hear/notice this on my street. People are out/about and awake at all hours across the city too.

    2. Or is it that these cars are so light, they just lift them?