Sunday, November 24, 2013

MENTIROSA: Lincoln Park Neighbors Get Ripped Off Again (But Not On Paper)

Beats Me. And You.
Here's a gem. Our district execs have decided to play yet another numbers game. The Lincoln Park area of the district has (not) more police!

The two big police trucks and vans assigned to Uptown, Lakeview, and Lincoln Park for transportation of prisoners—squadrols in CPD vernacular—are no longer officially assigned to be squadrols. Instead, they are designated as "beat cars" in Lincoln Park's part of our district.

As a result, the southern part of the 19th district is generally getting a full complement of beat cars. On paper, any way. In reality, the so-called beat cars are spending the night dragging prisoners from the street to jail cells and from jail cells to hospitals, and parking on Clark Street to make a "show of force" in Wrigleyville.

We'll bet $100 that the powers that be will find a way to declare that manpower is "up" in our district within the next six months*.

Police + politicians + numbers = bullshit.

More information has come out about an incident that we reported last Saturday. 
At 6:10PM, a witness reports seeing a man's wallet get snatched at 820 W. Belmont as the victim takes out a credit card. It is unclear if police make contact with the victim. 
We now know that the incident turned out to be a strong arm robbery and the victim did file a report. It's recorded in CPD case HW536313.

Wheel of Misfortune
Police handled yet another report of a vehicle being stripped of its wheels and tires. The call at 10:54PM Saturday night came from the 2500 block of Stockton inside Lincoln Park.

A CWB reader sent photos of two other wheel-less cars on Stockton earlier this week.

If you're not familiar with thieves' new-found affection for wheels and tires from smaller vehicles, check out our story from earlier this week.


*—If we're wrong, we'll post proof of a $100 payment to charity.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 25, 2013 12:31AM: Restructured to clarify that we are speaking of the the 19th district's section of Lincoln Park.


  1. Wait and watch the way they juggle numbers of beat cars, field units, etc in the new year. Smoke and mirrors is the new mantra.

  2. * - just as long as your possible "charity" is not COH, BYC or Night Ministry

  3. the Honda Fit wheel problem. .well that's so 2010.. so stack that one up with your 8 tracks..

  4. Actually, we call them "wagons." Since you're bringing 018 into your commentary, the commander there is a young "old school" guy, Billy Dunn. Good guy who has done time in many units like narcotics, etc. dad was CPD.

    1. We should have been more clear. We were referring to the north end of Lincoln Park, which falls in our district, is being assigned those units. Our hands are full as it is, the last thing we need is another district to cover. :-) Thank you.

    2. Do you know of a blog that follows the crime in the south end of Lincoln Park by any chance?

    3. Hi Ross, We are not aware of any blog that concentrates on that area, unfortunately.