Friday, November 15, 2013

LONG ODDS: We Recommend A Story In The Windy City Times; Cops Encounter 2 Former BYC Clients In 12 Hours

Are you looking for a balanced report of what transpired when the Broadway Youth Center (BYC) came up for discussion at Monday's Southeast Lakeview Neighbors meeting?

We recommend reading the Windy City Times' story here.

The WCT has a track record of being very soft on stories about neighborhood safety, but they get this story right. 

Kudos to reporter Matt Simonette for shooting straight down the middle.

The John Merlo Library, 644 W. Belmont
Even Longer Odds
Meanwhile, two more people whose address of record is the BYC's former location at 3179 N. Broadway crossed paths with police Thursday. Neither individual was accused of wrong-doing. They just happened to be with people who were.

The first man happened to be standing outside the Merlo Library, 644 W. Belmont, with a man wanted for having sex in the library rest room on Tuesday. The wanted man now has a trespassing issue to deal with. The former BYC client was sent on his way.

The second man's brush with the law came during a traffic stop near Clark and Grace Thursday night. The driver of an SUV was arrested on an outstanding assault warrant. The 22-year-old passenger, formerly of 3179 N. Broadway, was sent on his way.
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  1. Thank you for pointing this out, CWB. I would have missed it because I never read Windy City Times anymore due to the publisher's denial of the rising crime rate in Boystown. I also try to avoid spending any money with their advertisers because of that.

  2. The program they offer that allows their address to be used as an "address of record" must be explained. Without keeping a strict record and log of everyone who uses BYC as an "address of record" who can they safeguard the neighborhood from criminals (and we know of a known gang member) using them as a front? They're drawing in troubled, confused, disenfranchised and often dangerous clients with no psychiatric supervision and strict case-study documentation. Their organization operation is completely reckless, that's the problem.

  3. I don't know who Maura McCauley is, but as a city employee, she should know that you can call zoning anytime and ask them for an interpretation on what's allowed in certain zoning districts. Someone just didn't do their homework.