Monday, November 18, 2013

JUMP & RUN: 2 Beaten By Robbers In Separate Incidents Sunday Night

Two area residents were attacked within one hour Sunday night, possibly by the same robbery crew. The offenders remain at large.

1300 Block of Waveland — 10:40PM
Two offenders jumped out of a white 4-door car and asked the victim for money as he walked down the street. Suddenly, at least one of the robbers began punching their victim repeatedly in
the face. The victim was able to keep his senses, break away, and run to a safe location to call police. He declined medical attention.

The attackers are described as male, black, aged 18 to 20, wearing all black clothing.

The CPD case number is HW537588.

Diversey and Pine Grove — 11:30PM
One attacker jumped from a small white vehicle, possibly a Toyota, physically attacked a woman and took her purse.

The offender, described as male, black, in his 20's, 5'11" tall, 160 pounds, wearing a black hoodie and a black beanie hat, drove away southbound on Pine Grove toward Diversey.

The victim's purse contained an iPhone5s, miscellaneous items, and several credit cards.

Police have recorded this strong arm robbery in CPD case HW537625.


  1. "I have never seen anything to make me think twice about my safety and/or well being."...Tim in Lakeview

    1. That's because he's not out in the wee hours of the morning when drunken bar patrons are staggering nearly incoherent through the alleyways...oh wait a minute...10:40 and 11:30. Maybe Tim just isn't paying attention.

  2. JUST ONE PERSON (Ryan Brandis) has a date with the judge in Branch 42 at 9:00 AM TODAY. No concerted effort from the people who write and read this blog and care so much about this Community to actually make a difference by exerting a little more effort than typing on a keyboard or ranting at a CAPS meeting. Sign as many petitions as you wish, the City is claiming it's broke and will not hire more police officers other than the bare minimum.

    JUST ONE PERSON (Ryan Brandis) is charged with his first felony offense. The Court will not be overly concerned with his non-violent crime(s) but he is and will remain a one man crime wave in the neighborhood. Let's hear all of your outrage when you see him back on the street riding your bicycle, or breaking into your building or car in the very near future.

  3. Just One Person crime wave: why not have a box/sidebar here asking for volunteers to go to court? Post the dates/info at least the night before?. Even retired people need to make their plans. Call it "Just One Person" volunteers

    What happened to restaurant Senza? Two of their windows are boarded up Monday morning.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Anonymous. The court idea is a good one. To be honest, though we doubt that we have the time or resources to stay on top of the scheduling and inevitable changes.

      Our recommendation is to get involved in the 19th district's Court Advocacy program. They specialize in getting concerned citizens to show up for important cases. Contact

      Senza had two windows broken out. No entry was made, nothing was stolen. It's classified as a criminal damage to property.

      Thank you for your wonderful idea and participation here. We'll see you around the neighborhood!