Wednesday, November 27, 2013

HAPPY THANKS-TAKING: Halsted Thieves Take Victim's Purse, Car

Having your purse taken from a bar is one thing. Having the thieves then take your car is something else altogether.

And so it went for an unlucky Boystown bar-goer overnight. The stressed-out woman flagged down officers at Roscoe and Halsted around 11:45 last night.

Unknown offenders had taken the woman's purse from a nearby tavern, then stepped outside and started beeping her car keys until they located her vehicle. They proceeded to steal it, too.

Missing is the woman's silver 2011 Honda Civic, last seen parked facing north on Halsted near Roscoe. And her purse, of course.

The victim told officers that she had an altercation with three Hispanic females shortly before her purse and car went missing, but she does not know if they are responsible for the thefts.

UPDATE: The car and its owner have been reunited.