Saturday, November 02, 2013

GLASS HOLES: Another Arrested For Halsted Window Smashing

Some people just don't get it.

For the second time this week, Chicago police have made an arrest after someone busted a window on Halsted Street.

Police were called to Roscoe's Tavern, 3356 N. Halsted, after a grown man kicked and shattered their front door in anger after closing time. The idiot, described as male, white, bald, and wearing a pink shirt, was taken into custody.

Moments after the man was driven away, his friends began pounding violently on Roscoe's windows and police were called again. The friends were a little bit smarter than their cohort. They decided to leave before police arrived.

In an unrelated incident on Wednesday night, a man walked up to Spin nightclub, 3206 N. Halsted, broke a window, and then sauntered into another nearby bar. He, too, was arrested.

There are no robberies to report from overnight. Other occurrences on the streets:

12:14AM: A group of men are heard fighting in the alley behind the 900 block of Waveland. They are gone when police arrive.

1:23AM: An off-duty police officer is struggling with a female at Halsted and Roscoe. No arrest is made.

3:49AM: An officer asks for help with a "big crowd" that has gathered across from Circuit Nightclub on Halsted Street. An ambulance is then summoned for a woman who's been struck with broken glass.

4:04AM: A man is reportedly beaten by two offenders near Broadway and Waveland. The assailants, described as male, black, and one having dreadlocks, are last seen running eastbound on Waveland. No report filed.

4:20AM: Eight or nine men are fighting in the parking lot of iHop, 3760 N. Halsted.


  1. Roscoe's sure does seem to be making frequent appearances in these reports lately ... just an observation, mind you. I know in certain other more civilized cities, the liquor license would be pulled if the cops had to go to a given establishment X number of times in a month.

    Thanks for publishing all these stories about what is happening in this neighborhood.

    1. Roscoe's is mentioned more because they do not hesitate to call 911. On this point, we could use more business neighbors like Roscoe's.

  2. No going out for a jog within an hour of Circuit closing.

  3. The person set his jacket down and someone took it. So he was mad at Roscoe's. He should have checked his jacket for 2 bucks and it won't have been a problem. Roscoe's isn't at fault here. I don't know how people can be so stupid these days. My parents raised me to never leave my stuff unattended in public. And probably another person too it by accident. That happens a lot.

  4. I have firsthand experience with being attacked at Roscoes. They certainly did not respond aappropriately, they let the drunk and threatening person stay in the bar after I reported her, only to have her attack me again, in front of the staff, without any intervention. The manager reached out by email and offered me a drink as an olive branch. He can keep his shitty $1 draft, and the trash that bar attracts.

  5. Looks like Circuit got a window smashed, and boarded up.