Sunday, November 10, 2013

GINGER SNATCH: Same Thief Hits Two Streets, Cops Believe

What's going on with the red-headed thievery around here?

A resident saw a man break into cars and then poke around in the bike storage room of a building in the 700 block of Sheridan around 3:15 Saturday afternoon.

A few minutes earlier and a few blocks away, another citizen saw a man with a similar appearance removing bicycles from the basement of a building in the 900 block of Belle Plaine.

Police officers believe the same offender was involved in both locations. He is described as male, white, mid- to late-20's, with red hair, a red beard, and a black eye. They know the offender's name.

Lighter Side
Overheard at 9:44PM on November 9, 2013
DISPATCHER: We got a homeless person taking a shower in the bathroom at the Boston Market, 3020 N. Ashland. Refusing to leave. 
UNKNOWN OFFICER: He has to wait for the conditioner to come out!