Monday, November 18, 2013

EARLY TURDS: Robbery Offenders Striking Earlier In Wrigleyville, Boystown

"Are these robberies happening earlier and earlier?" We get that question a lot. Today, our Stat Guy has the answer: Yes.

From January through August 2013, 30% of our neighborhoods' robberies took place between 6AM and midnight. In September, that number was 35%. October, 52%. In the November early-going, it's 83%.

To be sure, late night is, was, and always will be street robbers' preferred hunting time. But is the migration toward "less palatable" robbery hours a fluke or a long-term shift? Only time will tell.

Source: City of Chicago Data Portal & Chicago Police Department CLEARMap for beats 1923, 1924, and 1925. November total includes robberies that have been issued case numbers but have not yet been added to the city's public databank.


  1. One study published in the Red Eye found that crime peaks at 9 pm.

    Robbers and crooks need to get sleep too. And they need people to rob. Much less people to rob late at night

  2. They've gotten comfortable, and they're settling in. They know the police presence has been depleted. They know organizations in the area that will offer some sort of sanctuary or safe haven. They know there are other louder, noisier problems (Clark Street) that sucks away a lot of law enforcement attention.

  3. Hmmm .. now I'm wondering if they'd actually view this as a possible solution to adding adequate levels of police. Nothing would shock me.

    Alderman launches effort to limit Chicago Police use of drones

  4. The graph is kind of misleading, given that one of these time periods is much longer than the other

    1. It would be misleading if we hadn't clearly labeled it.

      The police department and politicians have for years explained that the bulk of robberies in this neighborhood happen overnight. This is true.

      The point, as explained in the text of the story, is that, in the short term robberies have broken out of that pattern.

    2. Do you mean that he should have read the story? You ask far too much of people, CWB.