Sunday, November 10, 2013

SEEING RED: Early-Rising Thief Chased On Addison

A neighborhood resident who lives near the 900 block of Addison awoke this morning to find a stranger breaking into his building's laundry room. The citizen chased the offender toward the Addison Red Line and called 911.

The intruder, who has yet to be located, is described as a 20-something male white with a red beard. He was wearing a black hat.

Yesterday afternoon, a man fitting that same description was allegedly involved in two area thefts, that were reported on CWB.

And, on Friday morning, a resident of the 600 block of Cornelia saw a white man with a red beard, black hat, and black jacket breaking into a laundry machine.


  1. I'm pretty sure I saw this punk riding a bike with this other punk on Halsted on Thursday before hearing about these crimes. If I see him again, I'm calling CPD.

  2. All homes and buildings should have cctv. For under 1000 even under 500 you can get a good system now days that come in plug and play packages.

  3. Jeff on BuckinghamNov 10, 2013, 4:09:00 PM

    Regarding CCTV. Is that installed for $1000?
    I've gone back and forth regarding CCTV for my building. I've weighed it against other security measures that might discourage a burglar. Other considerations are additional flood lights, steel door & frame for the basement, locking front gate with a intercom/buzzer.
    Even with a good image of the burglar, what are the chances the police will catch him? And, what chances are there of getting your stolen items back? I'm leaning towards things that make it harder to break into my building and make it appear riskier for the burglar. If I had a larger budget, I would probably get CCTV. I expect it would only serve to satisfy my curiosity about what the perpetrator looked like and what time it happened. I did get a laugh from the video from Pie Hole's attempted burglary. But, I doubt it would ever lead to an arrest.

  4. Video is just a tool not meant to be and end all. It would certainly help in identifying the perps.

  5. FYI, the guy who called in the most recent laundry room theft is a handyman who works on numerous neighborhood buildings in the neighborhood. He is not a resident, as reported by CWB. He followed the red-headed suspect to the Red Line on Addison and he spoke to the cops afterwards. I showed him the photos of the downstate kid on this site, and he positively identified him. He would like to follow up with the police.

    1. oops ... "numerous *apartment* buildings in the neighborhood"

  6. "a handyman who works on numerous neighborhood buildings in the neighborhood. He is not a resident, as reported by CWB."

    Thank you for the detail, much appreciated!