Monday, November 11, 2013

DOUBLE DIPPED: Man Brushing Snow Off Car Robbed At Gunpoint; Thugs Rob His Passenger, Too

A restaurant worker who was brushing snow off of his car after work was approached on the street by two attackers who pulled a handgun and robbed him of his iPhone and wallet.

Not satisfied with robbing just one person, the offenders then robbed the passenger who was sitting inside the car, too. That victim lost $240 cash and a cell phone to the thugs.

It all went down just west of us at Byron and Marshfield at 11PM Monday night.

After robbing the two victims, the offenders may have run eastbound on Byron.

The suspects are described as two Hispanic men, about 5'8" tall, both wearing hoodies. One of the men covered his face with a scarf.

CWB reported on a similar-sounding robbery on October 23 in the same general area.  In that case, a resident who had just parked his car was robbed at gunpoint in the middle of the street at 10PM. That victim was also beaten by the offenders.

The October 23 suspects were described as two Hispanic men, 5'9" to 5'10" tall. One wore a white bandana on his face.

Monday's case numbers are HW530006.
Image: PCPaper

UPDATED 12 NOVEMBER 2013 5:30AM: The Chicago Tribune runs the story. They add the following detail regarding the robbery of the passenger:
The two then reached into the car, one punched the man inside, ripped open his pants pocket and took his iPhone. He refused medical attention, police said. 
UPDATED 12 NOVEMBER 2013 2PM: WGN picks it up. No additional info in their item.

UPDATED 12 NOVEMBER 2013 2:16PM: And ABC7 comes along for the ride. No new info in their item.