Saturday, November 23, 2013

DEFLOWERED: Burglars Enter Virgin

Four burglars slipped in the back door of the Virgin Mobile store, 2562 N. Clark, overnight and fled with its prized booty.

An alarm company and nearby witnesses called authorities at 3AM, but the crew had already made their escape by the time police arrived.

Officers say the four offenders appear to be male, black, some with facial hair. All of them wore hooded sweatshirts, one of which was red, and one wore a puffy vest or sweatshirt. They fled southbound through the alley in a dark-colored minivan.

The forcible entry burglary is recorded in CPD case #HW544807.

This wasn't the first time for Virgin. The same store was targeted in a similar manner on March 11, according to the Chicago Tribune. Between $10,000 and $30,000 worth of goods was taken that time.
Image: Chicago Tribune


  1. Alderman Smith, what say you as the crime wave escalates into your ward? It is starting to look as if this blog is going to need to change its' name in order to properly reflect the expansion of North Side crime.

  2. I would rather they wipe out an entire store full of phones than mug me on the street for mine.

  3. "This wasn't the first time for Virgin..." Nice!

  4. Let's just leave all our doors open in our businesses. These people feel entitled to whatever we have, so go ahead and take it.

  5. Black Friday came a little early.

    1. ohhh, not going there.

  6. I remember when Virgin was a big record store on Clark St.

    Trends ya know?