Saturday, November 16, 2013

CWB TICKER: A Good Start For November

November is off to a positive start, with the month's robberies pacing flat to down when compared to 2012, 2008, and 2003.

The city has released the following information regarding robberies in our neighborhood since the last CWB Ticker update. CWB's original reports of incidents are linked via the case numbers, when available.

Case: HW519802
Date: 11/4/2013 12:30AM
Block: 3400 N BROADWAY
Location: SIDEWALK

Case: HW514384
Date: 10/30/2013 12:00PM
Location: CTA BUS

Case: HW522938
Date: 11/5/2013 6:10AM
Block: 3600 N BROADWAY

Case: HW526465
DATE: 11/8/2013 11:05PM
Block: 900 W SCHOOL ST
Location: ALLEY

Case: HW526453
DATE: 11/8/2013 11:18PM
Block: 1100 W ROSCOE ST
Location: SIDEWALK

Case: HW526438
DATE: 11/8/2013 11:20PM
Block: 900 W BELMONT AVE

The CWB Ticker is a dashboard of the most up-to-date robbery statistics possible for our neighborhood over the past year, 5 years, and 10 years.

As we've often said, our problem did not spring up overnight. It has built and built over several years. Simply comparing this year to last year misses the huge increase that we saw in 2011 and 2012. The dashboard shows the bigger picture.

Our source is the city itself, with robbery data taken from the City of Chicago Data Portal. In the event of an outage or update failure at the data portal, information is obtained from the Chicago Police Department web site. The city quarantines crime data for at least 7 days.

The complete list of 2013 robberies is here.
The complete list of 2012 robberies is here.
The complete list of 2008 robberies is here.
The complete list of 2003 robberies is here.

Beat ranking information is from the Chicago Police Department web site.

Our standard statement regarding historical data applies:

The city quarantines crime data for at least 7 days.

The CPD realigned our area's police beats in March 2012. The lines that divide Chicago police beats literally run down the middle of their shared streets and it is not possible to know with certainty which side of a street crimes were reported on before March 4, 2012.  In order to maintain consistency across all years, we have included all robberies that were reported on both sides of the border streets (Irving Park Road, Southport Avenue, and Belmont Avenue) in our calculations. As a result, our post-March 4, 2012, stats may vary slightly from official records.

Also, note that very recent crime totals may fluctuate slightly as incidents are investigated and recategorized. These fluctuations settle out fairly quickly.


  1. A department store on broadway???

  2. Wait until after Thanksgiving. Between then and Christmas is the regular robbery/burglary season. I'm afraid the numbers will go up.

  3. Personally, I don't see anything encouraging about the numbers here. The times of the attacks, with the latest at 1230am, suggest bar patrons are certainly no longer the targets, everyone and anybody is. And an ARMED robbery on the CTA platform at 1120pm? Now THATs pretty scary.

    Outside of the 1230am incident, I could have been the victim of anyone of those attacks while just going about my daily routine and that's scarier yet.

  4. Be interesting to statistically correlate this with average temperature for the month. Is this November colder than last November ?

  5. Iv'e lived in Lakeview /wrigleyville for 8 years and have never seen anything to make me think twice about my safety and/or well being. Those 8 years include most of my 20's and many late nights out on the town. While this blog is informative and often humorous, I choose to continue to call Lakeview home because of the safe neighborhoods and quality of life. We live in the 3rd largest city in America. Crime happens, and is going to continue to happen. It's a matter of how we deal with it, and by the looks of it, with the many more police patrol cars I see cruising our streets, the police are taking an active approach and that makes me feel even better.

    Tim in Lakeview

    1. We enjoy the neighborhood, too, Tim, and we're pleased to know that you have not been a crime victim.

      We also realized that Chicago is the 3rd largest city and that "things happen."

      Unfortunately, the "things" happening in our immediate neighborhood, the Wrigleyville and Boystown sections of Lakeview, are robberies that are up over 80% in 10 years.

      Police manpower is down 25% in one year, leading to a "decline" in crime due to lack of officers being available to file reports.

      We wish you continued safe nights on the town and thank you for your readership.

    2. Hey Tim...go stand at the Belmont L station some night around 9:00PM. Or in front of the Center on Halsted. Or in front of the Crib on Addison. Or at Sheffield and Clark. Or at Belmont and Halsted. Or anywhere on Aldine. Or in front of the Broadway Youth Center. Or at the 7-11 on Halsted. Or at the gas station at Addison and Halsted. Go ahead. I dare you. Just stand there. Double dare. Be sure to whip out your cellphone to update us from there if you live through it. Tell us how you have never SEEN anything that would make you think twice about your own safety. Or have the hospital staff tell us how your recovery is progressing.

    3. Ha ha. That's precious. No, the neighborhood is not a bad place to live. It's pretty safe except after hours in late spring through middle fall. To say you spent many nights out in Wrigleyville for 8 years and never saw anything that made you think twice? Thats not credible. The bars have ninja guards and the cops are on Clark in layers for a reason.

      On the other hand, I think I could stand in any of the areas named by anonymous without any trouble, esp the broadway youth center whose sidewalk is always empty when i walk past. 711 always seems ok.It's the side streets that will get you.

    4. The Broadway Youth Center sidewalk is cleared when the Alderman has to call the cops to clear it.

  6. 8 years and u've never seen ANYTHING to make you think twice about your safety and/or well being. Nothing at all. Bully for you, sir.

  7. Crime happens in a big city, yes. Cars broken into to, purse snatchings, drug dealing, prostitutes, shoplifting? Sure.

    Getting beat into critical condition by a mon over a cell phone while minding you own business is another.

  8. @Tim...did you read the story just above this one about the robbery at Sheffield and Clark. Did that make you feel safe too?

  9. "I have never seen anything to make me think twice about my safety and/or well being."...Stevie Wonder