Thursday, November 14, 2013

CRISP: Cold Snap Sends Criminals Indoors

The cold, cold weather has put a chill on much of the area street crime and violent offenders.

That gives us a chance to share some less-serious moments from the past couple of days.

4:18PM Wednesday, November 14
Officers were called to the DSW shoe store, 3131 N. Clark, after a man jumped from the balcony and smashed into a floor display. The offender was gone when police arrived. Criminal damage to property logged in CPD case HW532069.

• • •

DISPATCHER: Coming as a mental disturbance. The bar at 33XX N Halsted…calling about the man that's been dancing in front for three hours.

UNIT: There's nothing illegal with dancing.

DISPATCHER: That's what I said.

• • •

DISPATCHER: Yeah, the blower for your [vehicle's] heat, is that the problem is?

UNIT: No, the blower works, but it's not putting out any heat. We got air conditioning though!


  1. A 60 year old guy on motorcycle was up/down Halsted for at least 5 hours blasting Madonna's "Lucky Star" in a continual loop. Must've been his favorite song. Not mine but I didn't call the cops. Wanted to run him over or throw hot water on him though.

  2. I saw the dancing guy it was weird he had to be on something. But he was harmless no worse that drunks falling out of the bars and down the steps at closing time.

  3. That is the worst kind of "problem" we used to have until the current [political] wrecking crew came along.