Thursday, November 14, 2013

CRISP: Cold Snap Sends Criminals Indoors

The cold, cold weather has put a chill on much of the area street crime and violent offenders.

That gives us a chance to share some less-serious moments from the past couple of days.

4:18PM Wednesday, November 14
Officers were called to the DSW shoe store, 3131 N. Clark, after a man jumped from the balcony and smashed into a floor display. The offender was gone when police arrived. Criminal damage to property logged in CPD case HW532069.

• • •

DISPATCHER: Coming as a mental disturbance. The bar at 33XX N Halsted…calling about the man that's been dancing in front for three hours.

UNIT: There's nothing illegal with dancing.

DISPATCHER: That's what I said.

• • •

DISPATCHER: Yeah, the blower for your [vehicle's] heat, is that the problem is?

UNIT: No, the blower works, but it's not putting out any heat. We got air conditioning though!