Wednesday, November 20, 2013

CHRIST. AGAIN?: Area Robbers Jump From, Escape In, Light-Colored Import Overnight

Man. So much of this sounds familiar.

In addition to THIS Wrigleyville hold-up, another overnight robbery had a familiar ring to it...

A tan Toyota or Honda peeled off with three empty-handed thugs who were scared away by a victim who was armed with a "little pocket knife," police said overnight.

It all went down around 1:30AM in the 2900 block of Pine Grove, one block from the scene of another robbery that we told you about on Monday.

This morning's trio of offenders includes one armed with baseball bat and another who claimed to have a gun in the back of his waistband.

The assailants are described as males, black, 17 to 22 years old, each around 5'9" tall and 160 pounds, wearing hoodies and jeans.

After the victim whipped out a pocket knife, they reportedly fled eastbound on Surf toward Sheridan in an older model tan Honda or Toyota.

Hmm. Light-colored Toyota-ish-y thing. Hmm.

Today's robbery attempt is recorded in CPD case #HW540471.


  1. fucking pussies! thieves are nothing but cowards. He should have stabbed their punk asses

    1. No...stabbing one of them in the eye makes a better point.

  2. Maybe the French government should add Wriggleyville and Boystown to their list of places for their tourists to avoid in Chicago?

  3. Are there no cameras in the area that can get a shot of the car's license plate/driver?

  4. These calls are so dangerous for the police, praying every night the police officers make it home safe from their shift.

  5. Also last night: another laundry break-in on the 900 block of Waveland.