Tuesday, November 19, 2013

CHEESE!: Redeye Mugshot Collection Features Several Neighborhood Vermin (Allegedly)

We burned an hour of the boss' time flipping through mugshots on the Redeye site yesterday.

Along the way, we found several individuals who appear to have been arrested for shenanigans that CWB reported over the past few weeks. We thought you may enjoy these updates:

Anthony Muniz
First up, here's Anthony Muniz of the 2700 block of North Kostner. Redeye says he was arrested for robbing two cab drivers, including one who picked him up at Roscoe and Halsted. We told you about this in our report on September 18.

Muniz was allegedly chilling in a hallway with a crack pipe when cops caught up with him.

Get Redeye's details here.

• • •

Jeremy Morrison
Next up is Jeremy Morrison of Bridgeview.

We told you about two men who stole cases of beer and $1,000 from the Theater on the Lake in early September.

Police caught one guy while another slipped away, we reported. According to Redeye, Morrison is the one who got away. He was arrested a week later.

• • •

Damien Beal and Terrel Esther

"$50,000 D [bond]? Hell no, Hell no."

That's what one of these geniuses blurted out in court after being arrested for burglarizing the American Apparel store on Belmont last month, according to Redeye.

According to police, Damien Beal and Terrel Esther were two of the individuals who walked into the apparently-unlocked store after hours and gathered up a duffel bag of goodies as we reported on October 17.

Redeye's write up is over here. Their story states that the burglary occurred in the afternoon. In fact, the crime happened during the overnight hours.

• • •

Andre Baker
Then, there's Andre Baker of Calumet City. Redeye says he was arrested when he allegedly tried to sell a microphone that had been stolen from Rax Trax recording studio last month.

Here's our report.

And Redeye's update is here.

• • •
Camilo Maya
Aaaand, finally, say hello to Camilo Maya. Maya was one of several individuals locked up during the usual weekend mayhem on Clark Street on September 15. While we did not report on his incident specifically, we couldn't resist sharing his impressive mugshot.

All images: Redeye Chicago


  1. Great job .. and thank you very much! Is there a way to make this mugs post and future ones into a 'sticky link' somewhere on the front page that's always there to see and clickable? The more we see them, the more they're imprinted in our memories. Many thanks again. I wanna scream at them: Get the *^#(@ out .. and stay out! I sure hope they're out of circulation for a good while.

  2. You should be ashamed. The trauma, abuse, and neglect some of these featured younger men (age 18) have endured is unthinkable. Go ahead with screaming 'Get the *^#(@ out .. and stay out!'....it's become a part of the life narrative of some of these young men, since birth. Name call and treat them like "vermin" and how else would you expect them to respond to you? Passing this type of generational trauma forward is just going to extend this problem, and is not an effective long terms means to a solution. I understand your frustration, but it's not that simple. Broken communities result in broken children and families. Let's remain a strong and pro-active community, not simply by shutting others out, but exploring how we can grow together.

    1. To the contrary, THEY should be ashamed.

      People who commit crimes experience consequences. Many people have suffered in many ways at many points in their lives, but they do not resort to stealing, beating, robbing, and harming others.

      The idea that, after thousands of years of civilization, there is suddenly a group of people who have been wronged more than any other group ever and must be coddled is ridiculous.

    2. That's rich. Assuming you are correct and all of these individuals have suffered unspeakable wrongs, why does that entitle them to take other people's stuff?