Sunday, November 17, 2013

CELLFISH: Phone Thief Stiffs Cabbie, Gets More Than He Bargained For

UPDATE: The alleged thief is now identified. One of the five cell phones turned out to be his own. He faces four counts of felony theft for the other phones.
When a taxi passenger refused to pay for his ride at 5 o'clock Sunday morning, the cabbie drove him to a new destination: The 19th district police station. Things got really interesting there.

During some chit-chat with the passenger, police discovered that he was carrying five cell phones. He was immediately taken into custody and officers began the process of tracking down the phones' owners and writing reports.

Case info pending.


  1. Nice move by the taxi driver and good work by 019.

  2. Love stories like these when karma kicks in and gets even.

  3. Good job taxi driver and atta boy to all of you in 19.

  4. Great story and I just put Taxi Driver in my Netflix queue.

  5. Felony, right? Hopefully.....c-ya, jagbag. Enjoy jail.......

  6. Jeff on BuckinghamNov 18, 2013, 6:17:00 PM

    How does a taxi driver keep this guy in his cab without him dashing away?
    Was the guy extremely intoxicated or incapacitated?

    1. You must not take many cabs. Most lock the rear doors, which the passenger cannot open, upon pulling the flag. They don't unlock the doors until payment is complete. Dangerous in emergency situations if you ask me. Worked here.