Wednesday, November 20, 2013

BREAKING: Bank Robbed Inside Boystown Jewel

UPDATE: A full story and updated description is now online HERE.

TCF bank inside Jewel at Addison and Broadway was robbed 10 minutes ago. Details developing.

Cops looking for the perp: female, black,  40, 5'6", large build, tan hat, tan coat, black sunglasses

Full report as details come in...


  1. Hitting the same place twice? In broad daylight? Clearly this woman has no fear of being caught. Complete lawlessness.

    1. Expect pix to be released within 24 hours. There's no word yet if the same woman is suspected in both robberies.

    2. Pix are now up. It's the same woman.

  2. Most bank robbers will hit the same bank a second or third time. These mini banks inside the big grocery stores always seem to be targeted. Thankfully, the FBI and not the local police will have a look at this. The FBI has the resources and are probably one of the most productive law enforcement agencies in the World. Robbing a bank is not the same thing as robbing the local 7-11 or liquor store.