Wednesday, November 27, 2013

BLOTTER: Miscellaneous Reports From Tuesday

A man was spotted walking southbound on Halsted from Waveland, stuffing money from a restaurant tip jar into his pants yesterday evening. An officer later determined that the jar had been taken from Panino's pizza shop, 3702 N. Broadway, around 3:30PM.

The thief is described as male, black, 5'10" tall, 25 years old, wearing cream-colored pants and a black winter hat with a snowflake design.

CPD case #HW549170.

• • • • •

Two of three apartments in a graystone at Newport and Halsted were burglarized yesterday.

Residents returned to their homes around 3:45PM to find that the second and third floor units had been forcibly entered.

CPD case #HW549091 and HW549126.

• • • •

Police arrested a person wanted at Ragstock, 812 W. Belmont, at 1PM yesterday. It is not know if the arrest is related to a recent robbery at the resale-shop.


  1. Your burglary mission team in 19th district is disbanded. Have fun with that

    1. Where did you hear that?

    2. Its true no more burg team due to low manpower. Check it its fact. everyone back in uniform on various watches. 019 down to 310 police officers from 400.

    3. Working burglary patterns sounds like a job the tact teams should be doing. Isn't that what they do work undercover? Why are they wasting time arresting petty offenses when we have far more serious crimes like burglaries and robberies? Just curious.

  2. There are plenty of nasty crimes, but stealing a tip jar from a pizza joint is just LOW. It is reprehensible, only one short step above stealing a charity donation jar. There is a specific, descriptive word for the type of person who would do such a thing...but if I typed it here, the comment would not be published.

  3. Seriously? You got to be kidding this mission team helped me and my neighbors get all of our property back, they were professional and nice. I hope it doesn't effect our court hearings with the perps they caught. Oh well sign of the times.
    Someone has to babysit the drunks on party nights...