Tuesday, November 05, 2013

50 SHADES OF RYAN BRANDIS: Downstate Kid Finds His Way To Wrigleyville, Boystown

Well, he hasn't hit 50 arrests yet, but he's certainly on his way.

Ryan L. Brandis, 26, has found himself behind bars far more often than most people his age. Perhaps there were just a bunch of misunderstandings and paperwork snafus.

He grew up in downstate Streator, Illinois, and then managed to drift his way to our neighborhood, where he established an address of record at 3179 N. Broadway. At the time, that was the site of the Broadway Youth Center.

Maybe he came to our neighborhood because he had worn out his welcome back home:

  • In October 2005, he was arrested in Streator for failing to appear on a charge of theft under $300.
  • November 2006, arrested in Streator for failure to appear on a burglary charge.
  • April 2007, arrested for felony retail theft at a Kroger grocery store in Streator.
  • May 2007, arrested in Streator on a probation violation warrant on a charge of burglary in La Salle County, IL.
None of that means that he was guilty of anything, of course.

Once Brandis planted his feet at the BYC, he got familiarized with the Town Hall police station from the inside out. Again, just because he was arrested all of these times does not mean that he was guilty:
• Marijuana possession on April 8, 2012
• Marijuana possession on July 14, 2012
• Assault on August 25, 2012
• Theft on September 15, 2012
• Theft on October 5, 2012
• Trespassing on December 27, 2012
• Trespassing on February 9, 2013
• Trespassing on March 22, 2013
• Battery on August 13, 2013
And he's still in the neighborhood.

The 19th district CAPS office has a Court Advocacy program that works to send messages to defendants and to judges by focusing on cases that are of particular interest to the community. We have a nominee.
Images (clockwise from top left): Siterunning.info; Siterunning.info; 
JustMugshots.com; Siterunning.info; JailBase.com; Siterunning.info.


  1. Thanks for the photos.

    Also: regarding package stealers: Recall that photos were posted a few days ago, including close-ups of package-stealers inside the mail room of an east Lakeview building. Today (Tues. Nov. 5), I saw them around 12:30 p.m. near the intersection of Belmont/Broadway. They were all set, carrying empty backpacks and empty duffle bags, to carry their stolen packages? One suspect (the subject of the close-up in the mail room surveillance video) was wearing a plaid coat. He saw me watching him, immediately doubled back and turned west on Briar/Broadway. The other suspect was walking south towards Broadway/Wellington.

  2. Did you call 911?

  3. Alderman Tunney will be at the SELVN meeting next Monday night. I think people should plan to attend in large numbers and ask the Alderman and the representatives from Broadway Youth Center to explain the program they offer that allows criminals to use them as their "address of record" as this seems to be a fairly common occurrence.

  4. Thank you very much for posting these photos and the information regarding this career criminal. The social service agencies would have us think their clients were thrown out of their homes or neighborhoods because they were gay. This social service agency client was thrown out of town because he is a criminal. And Tunney wants to "welcome" him to Lakeview.

  5. How is a 26 year old man allowed to live at a youth center?

    1. a) They don't require ID to verify age so God only knows what the ages of their clients really are.
      b) By re-defining the definition of "youth" to include grown adult men, they can ensure funding resources (it is, after all, all about the $$$$$$$$$$$)
      c) By calling him a "youth," bleeding hearts will fall all over themselves to shower this poor "troubled" individual with freebies and the Alderman's slogan "Welcome to Lakeview One and All" will resonate throughout the neighborhood, completely ignoring the real truth that he is a career criminal predator.

  6. He attempted to steal my bike. My neighbor saw him and caught him. CPD was responsive and familiar with this guy. I attended every court hearing even when he didn't. He pled guilty and spent some time in jail. BYC is a decent organization that helps many individuals. Obviously the justice system is not a deterant for this guy. Likely drugs/alcohol, perhaps mental illness is the driving force. And unfortunately our city/state is failing many in our community.

  7. I've seen him around, except when he was in jail. He is a shady looking dude who is always disheveled.

  8. Looks like BYC is failing this guy. How many more troubled people are they failing to help? Where is the Center on Halsted and their programs in all this? Is he sleeping at the Crib? Three social service agencies are failing this guy?

    1. Perhaps a 4th social service agency should open shop to care for those the other 3 failed to help? Better yet, let's turn all the Starbucks locations into social service agencies so there can be one on every corner.

    2. But they are Blanche, they are...

  9. Just saw this jerk riding a bright green retro looking bike on Broadway by ihop. He had sorry hair now, some facial hair and lots of scabs on his face. The last time I saw him, he had a white bike, so somebody's probably missing that green one he had today.

  10. Like fishermen chumming the waters for sharks in the ocean with bloody fish, the BYC and the Center on Halsted attract these undesirables to the neighborhood with refuge, handouts, and short-sighted do-goodedness.

  11. This guy in front of little jims at this very moment asking people if he can use their cell phones... jesus fucking Christ!!