Saturday, November 09, 2013

4 ROBBERIES IN 14 MINUTES: Wave Of Attacks Before Midnight

It was 14 minutes of pure mayhem as four robberies swept the neighborhood between 11:12PM and 11:26PM Friday, with at least one victim seeking treatment at Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

No offenders are in custody at this hour.

Incident #1, 11:12PM, 900 block of School St.
Multiple 911 callers report a man yelling for help in the alley after he was mugged by two offenders. The victim, who is reported to have a broken leg, is given medical attention. It is not clear if fracture was suffered before, during, or after the attack.

His attackers were last seen running northbound in an alley with the victim's cell phone.

OFFENDER 1: Male, Hispanic, 5'11" tall, heavyset, black shirt, black pants, work boots.
OFFENDER 2: Male, Hispanic, 5'8" tall, thinner, reflective material across the lower back section of his coat.
Both offenders are said to have worn Carhartt-style construction coats.

Recorded as a strong arm robbery in CPD case #HW526465.

Incident #2, 11:13PM, Roscoe at Sheffield
Three offenders, described only as black men wearing hooded sweatshirts, pushed a woman to the ground and robbed her. The offenders fled in a light-colored cargo van that has two windows in the back. Taken in the robbery was the victim's black iPhone 5. Case number is HW526453.

Incident #3 11:24PM, 945 W. Belmont
A man was robbed at gunpoint of his suitcase at the Belmont Red Line station by offenders who were described only as black or Hispanic males wearing black hoodies. Case number is HW526438.

Incident #4 11:26PM, Halsted at Aldine
A group of four to five black men wearing dark hoodies and "skinny jeans" surrounded a woman and her friend, then said, "we're going to take our purse." One of the women screamed, causing the offenders to flee eastbound on Aldine. The thugs did not succeed in taking anything from the women.

The victims did not file a report, stating that they only wanted to make police aware of "suspicious activity."

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  1. Thankfully Queen Tunney is now actively fighting crime in our neighborhood so these types of robberies won't happen any longer. Oh wait, he's fighting the war on dog poop….

  2. Those Carhartt jackets are HOT.

  3. Jeff on BuckinghamNov 9, 2013, 3:42:00 PM

    Yep, Tunney realizes this neighborhood has gone to shit.

  4. People.........file a police report WHEN you are mugged! It is only a matter of time until this happens, by the way, if all things stay the same so please...FILE A POLICE REPORT or you will be contributing to Tunney and Rahm saying, "Crime is down in Chicago". Remember, no report no crime. Uggh!
    Love how the woman's scream scared the ladies off, though.

  5. Know victim and family, a senseless act, defenseless victim was kicked and stomped on to point of breaking his femur. Appealing to anyone witnessing or have info on this robbery/assault to please report to CPD whether think relevant or not.These thugs need to be caged before they strike your family or friends