Monday, October 14, 2013

WORST GET-AWAY EVER: Shoplifter's Sloppy Escape Draws Plenty of Attention, Cops

A simple shoplifting event went wild as the offender tried to make his getaway around the triangle formed by Clark, Belmont, and Halsted this afternoon.

A heavy-set male offender in his late 20's shoplifted at the CVS pharmacy, 3101 N. Clark, at 2:40PM according to police. He then ran out of the store and barreled into people who got in his way, including a bicyclist on the corner of Clark and Belmont. On-lookers thought the shoplifter was trying to rob people and several called 911.

Not willing to let a thug get away, some on-lookers took action and followed the thief, eventually directing an officer to his hideout: The DSW shoe store at Halsted and Clark.

An officer entered DSW and placed the shoplifter under arrest.  Police believe the bicycle bash was an accident.

The biker suffered wounds that left him bleeding from the mouth, but he refused EMS.