Monday, October 28, 2013

WELL DONE: "Suspicious Man" Call Leads To Arrest; Other Items

A keen-eyed citizen called 911 when he saw a "suspicious man" apparently trying to break into a building near Cornelia and Broadway around 9:30 Monday night.

Officers caught up with the 50-something perp and took him into custody minutes later at Cornelia and Lake Shore Drive.

Case number is HW511211. Nicely done, officers and caller!

8:28AM Monday
Another citizen thought they saw something suspicious near Wrigley Field this morning: A man peddling along on a bike with a giant bolt cutter in one hand. Officers interviewed the biker at Addison and Halsted. He was sent on his way and officers made a record of the contact.

3:25PM Monday
This guy again? Police were called at 3:25 this afternoon after a resident saw a familiar-sounding man exposing himself and….stuff…under the L tracks near Cornelia and Clark.

The perv's description, male, white, wearing a beanie hat and a black jacket, sounds similar to the man who put on a couple of "performances" in the area on October 14.

There is no indication that police made contact with the man.