Wednesday, October 30, 2013

UPDATES: Stolen Car Found; COH Battery Suspect Eludes Police (Again)

Stolen from the 700 block of Barry (bottom pin) on Sunday
morning, the vehicle was found tonight under the L tracks
behind the 4000 block of Kenmore (top pin).
Officers have located a car that was stolen from the 700 block of Barry on Sunday morning.

A suburban woman had left her vehicle's keys in the car, which was quickly swiped by a member of the Lake View "welcoming committee."

The 2008 Honda CRV with a University of Iowa license plate frame was found under the L tracks in the 4000 block of North Kenmore around 6:10 this evening.

- - - - - -

Police have not had nearly as much luck in catching up with a woman wanted for her alleged involvement in a recent battery at the Center on Halsted.

A 911 caller reported that the heavy-set white female suspect returned to the Center on Halsted around 3 o'clock this afternoon. She was not on-scene when officers arrived.

This is at least the the second time that witnesses at the Center have reported the woman's return to police. She also managed to leave before police arrived on Sunday evening.

Three men who are accused of participating in the battery were arrested when they returned to the Center on Halsted on the morning after the incident.


  1. So a very distinctive looking suspect has returned to the scene of the crime more than once, and in fact, she's known to frequent that scene, the Center, frequently. Why can't the Center identify her to the police?

    I think we know the real question isn't why can't they, but rather, why won't they?

    1. In the case of this battery, we believe that COH staff called for police at the time of the incident as well as when the suspects were subsequently seen on their property.

    2. The person in question is not allowed in their building and the police have her description. It is not an issue of the center sheltering the suspect.

  2. Did the thieves leave the keys in the car as well?

  3. What? Criminals in our area gravitating towards the Center on Halsted? Shocking.

  4. You know what's really great? The Center on Halsted OWNS that building, and the other day somebody pulled a gun on their security. COH management has REFUSED to address this issue and continues to allow violent offenders back into their programs. How are they supposed to be helping the LGBT community if they refuse to make even the slightest effort at ensuring their safety?

    The COH has stopped consulting with the police when they review whether or not to let people back into their programs. On at least one occasion, they have let people who have restraining orders that require them to remain at least 500 feet from the building back into their program. Something has to change.

    1. Hmm. It would be interesting to hear what COH has to say...