Monday, October 14, 2013

UPDATE: Weekend Robbery Spree Fueled By Love of Crack

DNAInfo today fills in more details of the duo who pulled off a series of robberies and thefts in west Lake View that CWB reported this weekend.

According to DNAInfo's report, Eric Sierra and Daniel Johnson pulled off the crimes in Lake View and the suburbs in order to pay for crack cocaine.

CWB can now report that witnesses in one of Saturday's robberies and a witness in a dual-theft at Claus's tavern later that night gave Sierra's full license plate number to Chicago Police.


  1. Someone invent crackodyl for these two worthless 'tards

  2. From SCC:

    Great arrest by 16th district 06 team and Harwood Hights of a 2 man crew of crack heads doing strong armed robberies of older women in 16 and 19. Doing 3 or 4 a day for the last week. Put a 70 yr old woman in the hospital with broken nose and cheek bones. male, white and male, black with 80 arrests including 20 yrs for murder.
    Yes, murder.

  3. Like ol Whitney said... "crack is whack"!

  4. Perhaps they were just trying to raise funds to cover their skyrocketing health insurance premiums?