Friday, October 11, 2013

TWO FER: Proactive Cops Keep A Lid On Thursday Night

Last night was the second consecutive peaceful evening in the 'hood. Very 2007.

Many street stops were made in alleys and other nooks & crannies where problems go to hide. Thank you, officers, for your proactive efforts.

• Since some readers have inquired: The 7-Eleven at 3101 N. Broadway had two teens, described only as male and black, enter the store and start stealing things from the merchandise racks around 8:40 last night. Officers arrived, but left within a few moments, apparently without filing a report. There was not a robbery at the store as some have heard.


  1. I walked past a couple of Cops on beat patrol and thanked them for walking the neighborhood. Perhaps if we all thank these folks and make them feel appreciated they will stick around.

  2. Again - 7-11 employes are following company policy to not sign complaints against shoplifters when the police arrive and the offenders are identified. No report = No crime. With this pattern the 19th District will be crime free and we will all be able to live a peaceful lifestyle. NOT ! ! !

  3. If that's the case why don't we from this "'hood" shoplift all our weekly groceries from there? That'd put 'em outta business fast enough!

  4. Had this issue with CVS when I worked in another district. Cmdr called HQ and they started signing complaints. No more shoplifting $hitheads.