Thursday, October 17, 2013

TUNNEY TYPES: Alderman Sends Email About BYC Process

Alderman Tom Tunney's office emailed the following statement regarding the Broadway Youth Center today:

The Broadway Youth Center Special Use Permit Request  
The Broadway Youth Center, an affiliate of Howard Brown Health Center, offers a safe space for LGBTQA youth experiencing homelessness to access meals, clothing, counseling, educational and vocational services as well as basic health services. They have been operating inside the Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ since June, and they recently learned that a special use permit is required for them to operate as a community center. This special use is required for the community center component and accessory uses in all zoning districts. The community center is the primary use and their medical component is considered an accessory use. 
The Broadway Youth Center must go before the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) to apply for a special use permit. The ZBA is a five member board that reviews land use issues that relate to the Chicago Zoning Ordinance, including proposed variations from the zoning code, special uses that require review to determine compatibility with adjacent properties, and appeals of decisions made by the Zoning Administrator. The board will take testimony from the applicant, the Alderman, and the public at this hearing, which is taken into account in their decision. 
I have heard from many residents regarding either their support or opposition to the Broadway Youth Center being granted this special use permit. I have read every letter and appreciate your comments. It is imperative that you testify at the hearing or write to the Zoning Board of Appeals to have your voice heard. Please send your correspondence to the following address:  
Chicago Zoning Board of Appeals
121 N LaSalle St #905
Chicago, IL 60602 
The ZBA meets the third Friday of every month. This matter is not yet on the agenda, but I will update you once it is.


  1. Email AND send conventional mail. It's important to send a hard copy.

    Correspond attention the Chairman:

    Jonathan Swain, Chairman

  2. I just do not understand. If Tunney, in his capacity as Alderman, has "read every letter" and yet we are still required to testify or write to the Zoning Board of Appeals to "have our voice heard," what the hell do we even need Tunney for? In a representative government, he is supposed to act on behalf of the electorate. We are not supposed to have to do everything ourselves.

  3. This must be the way they are trying to get around offering medical services in a residential zone
    By calling it accessory

  4. I think what Tunney is saying is that we have our best shot if he shares what he's read AND if we send them our complaints directly, as well. Just do it to increase our chances.

  5. Tunney is reading this blog and knows we don't want this place so he is acting like he is listening while he is rubber stamping it. He is the pocket of Howard Brown. He doesn't answer the residents of the neighborhood. Vote this hack out. I am tired of his lies. He should stick to making buns.

  6. I agree that this whole Tunney e-mail is smoke and mirrors. Everyone knows that almost nothing can happen in a ward without the Alderman's approval. I think he has already made the deal, the money has changed hands, and now the Zoning board will rubberstamp it and Tunney will say it was out of his hands. He didn't even bother attending the last SELVN meeting. That's how interested he is in feedback from the neighbors.

  7. Actually, Tunney's "approval" isn't binding. From what I understand it's advisory. So regardless what the Alderman decides it's important for people to contact the ZBA via email AND conventional mail with your opinion. The decision rests with the ZBA. They will say "yes" or "no." It's especially important for immediate neighbors of the facility to contact the chairman of the ZBA and plan to voice your opinion in person when the request comes up for a decision. Although everyone in the area should participate as we are all impacted.

  8. And when will the members of the ZBA be indicted for taking bribes? There are still a few available cells next to those already occupied by corrupt city officials serving their sentences.

  9. I have learned that an Alderman's support or objection is advisory to the ZBA. In the past they have voted against what the Alderman's wishes were. Definitely send your letters to the ZBA or go testify! I hope I can leave work and make it there. The more community support we show, the better our chances are!

  10. Actually, Tunney's "approval" isn't binding. From what I understand it's advisory.
    You must not know the Chicago Way.

  11. smoke and mirrors... i seriously doubt tunney has read any of these letters.