Tuesday, October 01, 2013

TEAMWORK: Observant Residents, Quick Cops Bust School Street Robbers

There is a success to report today thanks to an observant citizen and a quick response in force by 19th district officers.

Two robbery offenders are in custody and police are searching for a third after a man was robbed in the alley around 1300 W. School Street at 10:35 Tuesday night.

Officers got a jump on the offenders because a Lake View resident called 911 to report "suspicious activity" upon seeing the offenders running down the alley behind Southport and Melrose. Within two minutes, officers had stopped two suspects at 1501 W. Belmont.

Literally as officers were detaining those two suspects, the first call of a possible robbery came in. A citizen in the 1300 block of W. School reported hearing the sounds of someone being robbed in the alley.

The victim himself soon called for help from his nearby home after losing his debit card and black iPhone5 in the attack. He reported that a total of 3 males approached him and one made a motion under their clothing as if they possessed a weapon. No weapon was displayed.

He positively identified the two detained suspects at 10:45 this evening.

Officers late Tuesday continued to search the area for a third suspect, described as male, black, 18-23 years old, 5'10" to 5'11", thin build, dark complected, and short hair wearing bleach-splattered True Religion jeans and a black jacket or crew neck shirt. He is believed to have fled south from 1501 W. Belmont.

Police say one of the offenders has long dreads and he may have been mistaken for a woman by the initial caller.

CPD case #HW476019.

UPDATE 2 OCTOBER 2013: The offenders, who live in the South Side's Grand Crossing and Englewood neighborhoods arrived in our neighborhood via train.


  1. So the city is going to remove the speed camera at Halstead and Belmont because there haven't been enough accidents so it's not needed, they say (See we are being nice to the residents). Come on! Who are you fooling those have nothing to do with safety and are all about revenue. We all know traffic is so heavy at that intersection that there is no way anyone could speed if they wanted to, i.e. they can't make enough money off the intersection to justify staffing the camera. How about repurposing that camera to take pictures of the muggings going on there instead. If the camera is good enough to take a picture of your license plate and show if there are any children around then surely it is better quality than those silly blue light cameras. How about using those silly cameras to actually protect the citizens as opposed to the government mugging us? Chicago has more schools than Starbucks (literally) so those cameras are everywhere. Those speed zones have nothing to do with protecting children and are all about generating fine revenue for the city. The city can spend money on those cameras to fine ordinary residents, but it can't spend money for more police or even install adequate cameras to catch criminals. Oh, yeah. speeding tickets generate revenue, catching criminals is just more cost in jail staffing and court prosecutions. Silly me, I thought government was meant to help ordinary citizens.


  2. "who live in the South Side's Grand Crossing and Englewood neighborhoods arrived in our neighborhood via train."

    God help us when the Red Line reconstruction is complete, which is likely sometime this month. 63rd to Belmont in 30 minutes.

  3. Great work by everyone - that crime is hitting a little too close for comfort.

  4. This is going to sound bad but I have several friends that are in law enforcement many who live in the area or have lived in the area None currently work in our districts but say the only way to truly help lower the likelihood these attacks (can never stop completely) is to contact 311 or 911 right away if you see something suspicious like if you see a group of three younger looking people who look like they are going to be trouble you can't be worried about who you are offending by making the call this will alert the police to the areas where they need to be on the look out that night. Again I know this sounds bad but we have given people the benefit of the doubt too long and I would rather have the cops stop someone and inconvenience them for 5 minutes of their day to question them if it prevents even one of these robberies from happening. This let's all the criminals know that residents of the neighborhood are no longer going to just look away and they will move out of our neighborhood if they know the chance is high they will get caught!

  5. there should be cops at the Belmont stop 24/7...this isnt rocket science.

  6. ^^Exactly.

    I have mentioned many times, that there needs to be a permanent 24/7 police presence at Belmont (and all stations). But ESPECIALLY at Belmont. There needs to be at least 2 police officers, and a squadrol to assist with rapid arrestee processing. There should also be an officer posted at all the major intersections thruout the neighborhood, so that any groups that want to cause intimidation can be immediately confronted and stopped, or arrested if needed.

  7. Werner Von BraunOct 2, 2013, 12:45:00 PM

    "there should be cops at the Belmont stop 24/7...this isnt rocket science"

    Since what seems like 50% of the crimes in the area are either AT the station, or within a one block radius of it, I'd say you're right.

  8. Tunney is stealing your stories for his Facebook page. Too funny. Weren't you guys the blog that he and the cops claimed were making all of this up? Keep up the great work, guys. Keep the pressure on!

  9. Can someone record tonight's meeting and responses, please? Let's get these folks on record.....starting now.

    1. Turned my android fone into a voice recorder. Just download an app. Night have to pay. But sit close

  10. One block south of me. :-( This is right at the time when I take my dog out for his final walk each night.

  11. belmont is the 4th busiest station in the whole CTA system. More reason to have cops 24/7 at the station.

  12. They are interested in the South and West side murders only because that is what gets them on national news.

    Beatings and muggings do not.
    Cutting police cuts crime stats.
    Therefore, cutting non-homicide crime in and of itself is OFF the table.

    TIF-financed ribbon-cuttings and a 1-party system will get Rahm re-elected as he tampers with crime metadata.

    Wherever the next Pride parade occurs he needs to be boo'd and hissed every foot of the way.

  13. "Wherever the next Pride parade occurs he needs to be boo'd and hissed every foot of the way."---------Great idea. Or even silence.
    Can you imagine the whole parade route going silent as Rahm's car drove by in the parade? Tunney too. This would represent the SILENCE we're getting in response to the crime in Lakeview. Wish we could start spreading the idea now so everyone knows. Give Rahm the silent treatment and see how comfortable he feels knowing we've turned against him.