Monday, October 07, 2013

STARTING BLOCK: Tunney Wants Neighbors To Form Clubs

44th ward Alderman Tom Tunney is hoping that area neighbors will form block clubs, akin to neighborhood watch groups, in an effort to combat crime, according to a DNAinfo report this afternoon.
Tunney wants the ward to form at least five new block clubs by the end of the year, he said in an email to constituents.
The idea behind the push is that neighbors will share information, watch each other's property and alert police of any suspicious activity. 
As of Monday, Lakeview had zero block clubs registered with the city police, but [a Tunney representative] said several blocks have shown an interest in forming such groups. Already, Stratford Place has planned it first block club meeting for Oct. 22, according to Belmont Harbor Neighbors.
Read the full story at DNAinfo.

Learn more about the block club concept at the Chicago Police Department's web site.