Tuesday, October 15, 2013

SOUTHPORT AREA: Woman Robbed On Waveland Tonight

A woman was robbed on Waveland Avenue, just west of Southport at 9:52 this evening.

A silver Toyota Solara, similar to the one used by
tonight's robbery offenders.
Two offenders, described only as two males, black, with a jean jacket and black hat, took the woman's purse, then fled to a vehicle waiting on Greenview Avenue.

They were last seen heading north in the 3700 block of Greenview toward Grace in a silver Toyota Solara 2-door.

The victim was robbed of her blue canvas purse, which contained an iPhone 4, a Kindle reader, her wallet, $5 cash, and her house keys.

Officers have given her a ride home and are ensuring that her home is secure.

The strongarm robbery is logged in Chicago Police Department case #HW494479.


  1. Did anyone report the plate number?

  2. What exactly are they doing to ensure her home is secure? I don't believe I'd want to go home until I had a chance to change my locks. I now keep my keys and my wallet (w/ my address inside) in two separate places. Sad we are being forced to live this way in such a once nice neighborhood.

    1. Hi Lisa, the officers have taken steps that ensure her safety for the night.

  3. I hate seeing these robberies earlier and earlier, and just off well-travelled streets. Scary.

  4. All of this crime happening in our neighborhood is frightening. I once felt safe to walk down Southport at night to either take a walk or head down to CVS or Jewel to pick something up. I no longer walk anywhere at night and am very aware when I walk from my parking spot to my front door. How did our neighborhood become target #1 in Chicago? The police are obviously doing the best that they can. If only we could give them more resources so they could have a larger presence in our area. We need as much help as we can get.

  5. Anonymous said...

    How did our neighborhood become target #1 in Chicago?

    It was a process of several years, Anonymous.

    It took a combination of police leaders and CAPS officers who were willing to mislead the public about a growing problem, even when that problem was laid out in front of them in black and white.

    It took politicians who were willing to downplay the early signs of trouble and, again, mislead citizens about a critical public safety problem.

    And, it took citizens who were willing to believe whatever "authorities" told them.

    Now, these authorities would like you to believe that Wrigleyville and Boystown suddenly gained massive popularity in three years, and that why there's so much trouble. You and we and anyone who has lived here more than three years knows that's pure bunk.

    But we're on the long road back to good, hopefully. Keep your chin up and get involved. And enjoy the neighborhood.

  6. You forgot to mention the influx of "social services" to Lakeview, which both attract and provide refuge for predatory criminal thugs.