Tuesday, October 15, 2013

SOUTHPORT AREA: Woman Robbed On Waveland Tonight

A woman was robbed on Waveland Avenue, just west of Southport at 9:52 this evening.

A silver Toyota Solara, similar to the one used by
tonight's robbery offenders.
Two offenders, described only as two males, black, with a jean jacket and black hat, took the woman's purse, then fled to a vehicle waiting on Greenview Avenue.

They were last seen heading north in the 3700 block of Greenview toward Grace in a silver Toyota Solara 2-door.

The victim was robbed of her blue canvas purse, which contained an iPhone 4, a Kindle reader, her wallet, $5 cash, and her house keys.

Officers have given her a ride home and are ensuring that her home is secure.

The strongarm robbery is logged in Chicago Police Department case #HW494479.