Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SEPARATING THE WHEAT FROM THE CHAFF: "This area needs to be as safe for the diveristy it supports as it once was."

Editors' note: The quote in the headline is taken verbatim from the petition site. CWB does not make editorial corrections in quoted material.

And there you have it.

That quote in the headline comes from a neighbor who recently signed the Citizens for a Safer Lakeview's online petition at Change.org

Our neighborhood, just a few years ago, was a safe place to come, regardless of what you wore, what you believed, where you were going, where you came from, or who you slept with. Even Cardinals fans loved to hate coming here.

CWB has heard several times from people who came here for our neighborhood's open-mindedness and found themselves victimized by the thugs they were trying to escape. Victimized by the people who come here for completely different reasons.

Amplify your voice via this online petition. We're going to make this neighborhood safe for everyone again.