Wednesday, October 30, 2013

RUDE AWAKENING: Alley-Lurking Thief Seizes Opportunity (Again)

Hey! What's that guy doing in my car at 5:30 on a Wednesday morning?

This morning, the answer to that question for a resident who lives at Belmont and Sheffield was "stealing your money and iPad."

Police were at the victim's address within 20 seconds of his call, but they could find no trace of the offender, who is described as male, black, wearing a blue hat and black clothing.

He was last seen in the victim's car, which was parked the west alley of Sheffield north of Belmont.

CPD case number is HW512759.


  1. Now this one should be titled "You're Not In Kansas Anymore".

    I have no sympathy for these type of people. Getting beaten bloody by a pack of four on the street over a damn phone? Yes. And that's what the police should be concentrating on.

    1. Leaving cash or an iPad in your car is foolish. However, ignoring small crimes is why we are having more serious crimes happening today. Disrespect for the law grows in small increments. Theft yesterday, mugging today, murder tomorrow. That said, violent crime of any sort should always get priority over non-violent crime, but non-violent crime should never be tolerated in Kansas or Chicago.