Sunday, October 27, 2013

ROWDY: Weekend Fight Club Highlights

At 11:20PM, witnesses report that a man dressed in an Army shirt and blue jeans is beating up a man who is dressed like a scarecrow at Clark and Eddy in Wrigleyville.

Other punches and pass-outs from the night:

11:26PM Saturday
"25 kids" are reportedly fighting on Addison between Halsted and Sheffield. Officers, who arrived 10 minutes after the call came in, confirm that a fight has taken place and that the participants have been dispersed.

12:06AM Sunday
The manager of Wang's, 3317 N. Broadway, is reportedly hit in the chest by a rowdy patron who then begins swinging at others inside the bar.

12:42AM Sunday
Multiple callers report that a window has been broken by two men who are brawling inside of F.O. Mahoney's at Broadway and Waveland. A report is taken for criminal damage to property in case #HW508780.

1:17AM Sunday
911 reports that someone is fighting the manager of Beatnix costume shop on the corner of Roscoe and Halsted.

1:37 Sunday
An ambulance is dispatched with police after a man is "hit in the eye" by another patron at John Barleycorn, 3524 N. Clark.

2:07AM Sunday
A woman is unconscious and unresponsive inside John Barleycorn. The woman is transported by ambulance to Thorek hospital.

3:38AM Sunday
A report of people fighting in the 800 block of Barry. Simple battery case #HW508884 is filed.

4:44AM Sunday
A battery in progress is reported at Big City Tap, 1010 W. Belmont. One arrest. Case #HW508924


  1. "On Addison between Halsted and Sheffield." correct me if I'm wrong, but...isn't that where the Fancy Police Station is?

    No wonder these thugs come to our 'hood to commit crimes.

    1. Yes, and they use the limo service called the red line to get here! While they are here , they make sure to visit the Center on Halsted for the official welcome greeting before they hit the streets for another profitable night of punch and snatch . Amazing isn't it , we pay the high R/E taxes for very little police protection while the the neighborhoods that contribute the least and take the most get our cops. I remember when you dialed 911 and had four cops at your door in minutes. Now you might as well use the campbell soup can phone for a better response.

  2. "Officers who arrived 10 minutes after the call came in...". I'm moving to this area. That's actually considered a good response time in this city these day's. I don't blame the cops. They're about 5000 short of their numbers from a decade ago.