Saturday, October 26, 2013

OVERNIGHT ODDITIES: Strippers Underwhelm; Studio Victimized

Two strippers called 911 from onboard a yacht in Belmont Harbor after a bunch of men on the vessel became upset with their performances and demanded a refund. According to the strippers' 911 call, the men trapped the ladies inside a room at the back of the boat and the women began to feel unsafe. Officers resolved the issue shortly before 11PM Friday night.

Two Turntables & A Microphone?
Rax Trax recording studio, 3126 N. Greenview, called police at 9:15PM to report a theft.

A man who had booked some studio time grabbed a bunch of the company's equipment and ran out the front door.

The suspect, described as male, black, short, wearing glasses and a gray hoodie, was last seen driving away in a dark colored SUV.

The case is classified as a theft of more than $500 in CPD case #HW507482.
Image: Teflon Slope


  1. The "back" of a boat is called the stern.

  2. The "room" is called the cabin. LOL

  3. Examples "arrogance" and "condesenscion" can be found in the two preceding comments.

    I see your "LOL" and raise you one "ROFL At You"!

  4. It's spelled "condescension."