Monday, October 14, 2013

ODDS & ENDS: Reports From The Area

For our neighbors to the west: 19th district officers apprehended an apparent thief and recovered two high-end bikes this morning near 3100 N. Ashland. One bike was a specialized Rockhopper, the other was a 60th anniversary Schwinn. Case #HW492278.

Two Performances on Broadway
A perv seems to be making the rounds along Broadway this morning.

Around 5:15AM, someone reported that a man had dropped his pants and started, oh, you know, at Broadway and Barry. He was last seen walking northbound on Broadway.

Description: male, white, 6'3" tall, thin, wearing black clothing.

Five hours later, a man described as a male, white with a shaved head, wearing a black, white and blue printed sweatshirt was reportedly leaning on a building and, oh, you know, at Broadway and Cornelia.

All Ash, No Cash
Workers reporting to work this morning at the Cremation Society of Illinois' office on Addison near Broadway found that someone had broken in through a window. Nothing was apparently taken, but the offender left "lots of blood" in the office after cutting themselves on the glass. Classified as a criminal damage to property in case #HW492269.

Simply Strange
You don't hear offender descriptions like this one very often.

Witnesses called 911 at 6:30 last night after seeing a man with a knife chase a woman into the Walgreens at Broadway and Diversey. The man, described as being black, thin, and 5'11" tall was last seen peddling away on a bike in a neck brace and a blue nurse's uniform. No report was filed because the victim and offender were gone when officers arrived.