Sunday, October 06, 2013

NOT NICE?: Couple Reports Being Beaten, Not Robbed, By 6 Men Overnight

While there were few issues reported to police overnight Saturday into Sunday, one early morning incident was reported later today.

A CWB reader emails about a beating overnight by six or seven males:
One of my employees and her boyfriend were beaten up in the alley alongside the el at Waveland...  They were not robbed.  For some reason they did not call 911 but I had them file a police report today.  Makes me a little concerned that lots of the crime isn't reported. 
HW-482202 Battery Simple @ 1:30 A.M. 6 Oct 13
Beaten, but not robbed. We have to ask again, what is the motivation for cases such as these that we have seen with some regularity?

And the reader is correct, too, about a significant amount of crime going unreported in our neighborhood. Whether it's because victims opt to not file reports or because there aren't enough officers to file a report in a timely fashion, the official numbers are substantial understatements of reality.


  1. Sorry for the long post, but in the spirit of CWB I think the linked transcript is worth the few minutes it takes to read.

    There is a This American Life episode about how the NYPD (where our police chief came from) would underreport crime to make their numbers look good for compstat, which Chicago now uses. I think a lot of us would agree that the same thing is happening here in the 19th. A NY cop covertly recorded conversations and went public. Read the transcript, and ask yourself if we might be suffering a worse crime wave than we even know.

    Below is the intro to the transcript; the rest is at Scroll halfway down the page until you get to the paragraph below, and you'll see how they actively got robberies, even rapes, off the books, very quickly and with great focus, all to serve the same reporting system and chief now in place here in Chicago.

    Ira Glass: But we still haven't gotten to the most disturbing thing documented by Adrian Schoolcraft and his recordings. Schoolcraft shows, over and over, that sometimes when real crimes would happen, serious crimes, the 81st precinct would reclassify them as lesser crimes-- or simply not put them in the system at all-- to make it look like the precinct was doing a better job driving down crime rates than it really was.

    1. This is true...the comstat stuff is bs, but this dept for YEARS has been under-reporting crime. The FBI does not include Chicago stats because they don't believe them. They haven't for years.

  2. Let's get Ira Glass to blow the lid off this. It IS a conspiracy. Wake up, folks. MAKE NOISE. Call every media outlet you respect and plead with them to uncover the corruption which is holding us hostage in our own homes.

  3. Hi CWB -- first of all, thank you for your incredible work!

    Second, a suggestion that has crossed my mind a few times: Perhaps you could occasionally re-post the link to the Lakeview online petition? I know it's in the sidebar, but I think a (weekly?) link at the bottom of a post is a nice reminder to those who haven't signed -- and a welcome sight to those CWB newcomers. The petition is climbing nearer to its goal, but it stagnates now and then. It would be awesome to see it reach 1,000 (or more) signatures. Just a thought!

  4. The crime stats are manipulated on the orders of Rahm so he can look better.