Sunday, October 06, 2013

NOT NICE?: Couple Reports Being Beaten, Not Robbed, By 6 Men Overnight

While there were few issues reported to police overnight Saturday into Sunday, one early morning incident was reported later today.

A CWB reader emails about a beating overnight by six or seven males:
One of my employees and her boyfriend were beaten up in the alley alongside the el at Waveland...  They were not robbed.  For some reason they did not call 911 but I had them file a police report today.  Makes me a little concerned that lots of the crime isn't reported. 
HW-482202 Battery Simple @ 1:30 A.M. 6 Oct 13
Beaten, but not robbed. We have to ask again, what is the motivation for cases such as these that we have seen with some regularity?

And the reader is correct, too, about a significant amount of crime going unreported in our neighborhood. Whether it's because victims opt to not file reports or because there aren't enough officers to file a report in a timely fashion, the official numbers are substantial understatements of reality.