Tuesday, October 15, 2013

JAILED IN 90 SECONDS: Cops' Brilliant Response Puts Would-Be Robber Behind Bars

From the top-ranking officer on duty to the local beat cop, everyone pitched in this morning to put an alleged would-be robber behind bars within 90 seconds of the 911 call being dispatched.

At 3:16 this morning, a victim reported that a male, black, 6-feet tall, wearing a gray cap and a backpack tried to rob him at Addison and Halsted. The thug implied that he had a weapon, but none was seen by the victim.

Within 45 seconds, the night's watch commander was talking with the victim and blaring out a description of the offender.

Then, less than 15 seconds later, cop saw a suspect matching the victim's description climbing the stairs to the Addison Red Line station.  They detained him and the victim said they had the right guy.

The offender and victim were taken to the nearby police station to wrap things up.

CPD case #HW493314.