Wednesday, October 30, 2013

HEAD SCRATCHERS: Strange Calls And Random Notes

Doormen at Spin nightclub at Halsted and Belmont probably couldn't believe their eyes around 11PM Wednesday night, after a man walked up, busted out one of their windows, and then strolled across the street to the Lucky Horseshoe Lounge.

An officer on patrol was flagged down by a Spin employee. He and another unit went into the Horseshoe and took the alleged offender into custody.

The incident is recorded as a criminal damage to property in CPD case #HW514100.

• • •
Tuesday, October 29, 12;52PM
DISPATCHER: We got a call that says there is a group of men trying to run a scam at the Belmont Red Line. That [scam] with the three bottle tops with a ball under one of them.

UNIT: We will have none of that. I'll go check it out.

DISPATCHER: It's the [cap] in the middle.
• • •
Wednesday, October 30, 12:20PM
DISPATCHER: 13XX Belmont . . . you got a male, 29 years old,  been doing cocaine for 4 days and now he's having chest pains. Fire's rolling.

OFFICER: Four days? That's a lot of money.
• • •

Offender Description of The Week
One of two suspected shoplifters inside the Gap at Broadway and Belmont around 1PM Wednesday was described as a "female, black, bald, and pushing a baby buggy." Officers were able to spot her quickly.


  1. This is sick and beyond sickening ..


    “There is an unacceptable level of violence, but the progress we’re making is undeniable,” McCarthy said in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times.

    He said the latest crime statistics show that the police department is able to reduce crime without hiring more cops.

    All codespeak for: continued dangerously inadequate
    police staffing so Rahmbo can have more bucks to
    spread around on his pet projects. Looks like City
    Hall needs a serious wakeup.

    1. We love when they compare crime "totals" to years like 1966, 1973, and the early 1980's. The city had hundreds of thousands of more residents to commit crimes during those years.

  2. Like the million dollars he intends to spend next year on some "fire" parade down the river; right where most of our tax dollars go.

  3. Nonetheless, the crime rates are lower - go by rates, not by absolute numbers. Recall how angry you were when Vulgaris cited population statistics (albeit erringly)? But right now, most importantly, the crime rates ARE up dramatically in our area, and that should be the main concern.

    1. Crime ~rates~ meaning offenses per capita are UP compared the old days. The raw numbers (# of occurrences) are down compared to those ancient years because the city's population has dropped significantly.

      Our problem with Cmdr. Voulgaris was two-fold: 1) His sudden decision that comparing crime incidents year-to-year or year-to-recent years should no longer be the yard stick and 2) his bogus contention that our neighborhood is the most congested in the city.

      Crime is up. Population is down.

    2. The commander is lying about lower crime because his officers do not report accurately. He is killing crime. He is a fake and is beholden to Emanuel. When the new mayor is elected Voulgaris will be working mid nights in Englewood.

  4. McCarthy evidently regards being triple NYC's murder rate as acceptable so long as it declines ever so slightly.

  5. Here's a headscratcher ..
    ~ ~ ~ ~

    Top cop: No need to hire more Chicago officers
    Overtime to hit $93 million by year's end


    "Talk to any management consultant, and they will tell you an organization the size of the Police Department should have a 3 to 31/2 percent overtime budget," Munoz said during a break in the hearing, noting that the Police Department has a proposed budget next year of about $1.29 billion. "We're looking at almost a 10 percent overtime budget here."

    But McCarthy and Emanuel budget officials disagree.

    "It's cheaper to pay a police officer overtime than it is to hire a fully loaded — with benefits, health benefits and pay — officer," McCarthy said.,0,6772319.story

    I must be dumb as a rock .. I just don't get this reasoning .. at all, especially with their documented inability to even get close to a sensible police presence here. And the glaring proof is in the freedom these evil thugs obviously feel in freely commiting the current unconscionable level of attacks and the resultant growing fear of the hard working taxPAYERS.

    93 million ... in OVERTIME !

    1. We're trying to think of any other operation where overtime is tolerated, much less promoted as an acceptable solution. So far, we've got nothing.

    2. Emanuel as usual is thinking as a CEO desiring headcount minimized, not a mayor.
      What we will also get, which he is much too stupid to see since CEO's, like Wall Streeters, can't see long-term, is burning out cops prematurely with stressful overtime will lead to too many more early retirements, raised lifetime pension costs, then more rookies to train.

      If this stupid SOB is re-elected, put out the lights and evacuate Chicago - there will be no hope.

  6. Not to mention overtime = over worked officers. Rahm and Company are some real sharp managers.

  7. The ABC7 news coverage on this police insanity:

    This is nuts .. and fishy. Makes no sense mathematically, fiscally or medically. And I agree on the eventual declining morale and physical health and vitality of overly fatigued officers. Burn out is a likelihood. Is it possible the unions have some role in this?

    1. ^ Is it possible the unions have some role in this? ^

      Are you saying the union would want fewer members and greater stress for its members? That'd be a first.

  8. Forgive me .. sounds nonsensical, I know. Certainly agree on the stress factor, and the union rep interviewed obviously disagrees with the policy. It's my overactive IL/Chicago/union paranoia from decades of documented blatant, deceitful corruption at every level of authority and governance and some union involvement, thieving in so many ways from the citizenry .. and all that $$$. I don't trust any of the 'machines' in this state ... and specifically now the incongruous, if not frivolous and careless, agenda of this bully mayor as it pertains to the police.

  9. Emanuel would rather spend money on pet projects and take care of his campaign contributors, many of whom are developers than have police on the street. He has to go. He is nothing but a grandstanding pay to play campaign dollar hustler. And Tunney goes along with the program.