Wednesday, October 30, 2013

HEAD SCRATCHERS: Strange Calls And Random Notes

Doormen at Spin nightclub at Halsted and Belmont probably couldn't believe their eyes around 11PM Wednesday night, after a man walked up, busted out one of their windows, and then strolled across the street to the Lucky Horseshoe Lounge.

An officer on patrol was flagged down by a Spin employee. He and another unit went into the Horseshoe and took the alleged offender into custody.

The incident is recorded as a criminal damage to property in CPD case #HW514100.

• • •
Tuesday, October 29, 12;52PM
DISPATCHER: We got a call that says there is a group of men trying to run a scam at the Belmont Red Line. That [scam] with the three bottle tops with a ball under one of them.

UNIT: We will have none of that. I'll go check it out.

DISPATCHER: It's the [cap] in the middle.
• • •
Wednesday, October 30, 12:20PM
DISPATCHER: 13XX Belmont . . . you got a male, 29 years old,  been doing cocaine for 4 days and now he's having chest pains. Fire's rolling.

OFFICER: Four days? That's a lot of money.
• • •

Offender Description of The Week
One of two suspected shoplifters inside the Gap at Broadway and Belmont around 1PM Wednesday was described as a "female, black, bald, and pushing a baby buggy." Officers were able to spot her quickly.