Friday, October 25, 2013

GROUPERS: 4 Group Attacks Reported in 10 Hours

At least three people have reportedly been jumped or chased by groups of 3 to 5 young men in the Boystown area since 10:45 last night. In addition, a fourth person was beaten and robbed by four offenders a few blocks west of Boystown overnight.

It is not clear if the cases are related.

1) Witness reports a possibly-intoxicated man being jumped by 3 to 4 offenders near Halsted and Belmont at 10:50PM Thursday.

2) A student is jumped, beaten and robbed of his backpack by four offenders in the 1300 block of W. Melrose at 1:15 this morning.

3) A jogger is chased by 5 young men in what they believed to be an attempted robbery on Broadway near Addison at 4:45 this morning.

4) A man says an unknown number of offenders knocked him upside the head and robbed him on Halsted Street around 8 o'clock this morning.

We do not yet know how many of the reported victims have filed police reports.


  1. beaten, robbed, attacked, it's almost like there is no police protecting the people in our area anymore.
    When will the violence on us good people end please? When can we feel safe again in our neighborhood again?

    1. Thats what the Block Parties...Clubs...would address -- the crime on blocks and whatnot. Keep asking Tunney what's he doing.

  2. What do these thugs have to fear? I rarely see police in Lakeview and I am out and about a lot. It's open season in Boystown and the thugs know it. If they do get caught, they're back on the streets in a few days anyway. It sickens me.

    1. I concur. In the case of the jogger attacked by thugs this morning, they ran TOWARD the new police station on Addison. They have no fear of the cops because there aren't enough to arrest them all.

  3. What's the "flash point"? At what point will the neighbors erupt over this mess and visibly take it to the Mayor and demand some attention and action? It's very clear Tunney is powerless. Until we stop complaining about it in CWB Comments and do something, it will not change.

    1. Many people are getting involved, Anonymous. Here are a few options:

      Sign the online petition.

      Start a block club

      Consider these steps

      Swing in to your alderman's office and tell them what you think.

      Go to community meetings such as the recent Southeast Lakeview Neighbors meeting to express your concerns.

      Lots of people are involved. It's your turn.

  4. Citizens for a safer Lakeview have already caused ripples in the community. What should have been a meeting of 20 people at the last SELVN turned out to be 50to 75 people. Drop an email to and he can put u in contact with them.