Tuesday, October 01, 2013

FIRST IN WORST: 2013 Pacing As Worst Year For Robberies

Data source: City of Chicago

CORRECTION 18 October 2013: The 2008 total shown in the graphic is incorrect. There were 120 robberies as of September 21, 2008.

As we roll into the first of October, CWB is giving our Daily Ticker the day off.

In lieu of the ticker, we've put together this less colorful line graph that shows how many robberies our neighborhood had experienced as of September 21 in each of the past 13 years.

2013 is essentially flat compared to 2012, which was the worst year on record. 

There are signs of a better effort being made by the police department to inform the public about the problem in our neighborhood. Only a complete, long-term commitment with greater resources than are currently deployed will get this line back to where it used to be.

Lord knows, we've seen half-hearted efforts that quickly fade away before. Let's stay out of the time warp this time.

Statistical stuff and data sets are below.
We always provide online access to our data sets, which are sourced at the City Data Portal. Details are provided for every crime, including dates and addresses rounded to the 100 block.

The data set used to create this graph is available for your review here.
The complete list of 2013 robberies is here.

Our standard statement regarding historical data applies:

The city quarantines crime data for at least 7 days.

The CPD realigned our area's police beats in March 2012. The lines that divide Chicago police beats literally run down the middle of their shared streets and it is not possible to know with certainty which side of a street crimes were reported on before March 4, 2012.  In order to maintain consistency across all years, we have included all robberies that were reported on both sides of the border streets (Irving Park Road, Southport Avenue, and Belmont Avenue) in our calculations. As a result, our post-March 4, 2012, stats may vary slightly from official records.

Also, note that very recent crime totals may fluctuate slightly as incidents are investigated and recategorized. These fluctuations settle out fairly quickly.


  1. No manpower. Especially on midnights when most of these robberies are happening.

  2. Alderman Ed BurkeOct 1, 2013, 1:09:00 PM

    What's all this crime about? I haven't been mugged in 30 years!

  3. Its time for Tunney to start answering questions and stop being a yes man for Rahm. Where is the manpower Alderman Tunney?

  4. Just thinking out loud here folks....would a FOIA request for 911 call volume be of any assistance? Show the last decade or so, for 019, and simply show the volume of calls? McCarthy's notes about officer count is helpful too, as it clearly shows a 20-some percent decrease in bodies just since 2011. I wonder if a double-axis graph showing the decrease in officers and the simulatneous rise in 911 calls wouldn't speak volumes?

  5. 911 emergency call recordings and transcripts are public records and should be released subject to any redactions that may be allowed under Section 7 of FOIA, including Sections 7(1)(c) and (d)(iv).

  6. An FOIA request sounds like a good idea and frankly, I'd love to see that graph. It's worth making a request, but no FOIA requests will be worked on until the government shutdown is lifted. It's one of the many things that are shutdown.

  7. I was off today - and stopped by Tunneys office while walking my dog. I spoke to someone who works in the office - asked them what 'our boy' is doing about the crime problem. Learned nothing new - other than 'making requests blah blah blah...'. I was polite - but I made my point that this situation is untenable. I would suggest stopping in and having a chat. Can't hurt.

  8. Btw - to give credit - the people in Tunneys office were very aware of everything that has happened recently. Including the robbery at knifepoint that occurred literally outside his office.

  9. The CPD is down 3,000 officers. The ONLY two people that can send more cops to 019 are Rahm and McCarthy. But it's not going to happen. Cops are being sent where people are being shot.

  10. I wonder what the real numbers are since so much of the time filing a report is discouraged or the victim just gives up after waiting so long.

  11. "CWB is giving our Daily Ticker the day off."

    The "1" key on your keyboard thanks you.