Friday, October 18, 2013

DOUBLE-CROSSED: Shoplifting Duo Rips Off Akira, Pushes Manager To The Ground

This sounds familiar.

Two men dressed as women stole 4 pairs of jeans from the Akira women's store at Broadway and Diversey, then pushed the store manager to the ground in order to get away. It all went down just before 7PM tonight.

The offenders were last seen driving southbound on Clark Street in a silver or white 2001/2002 BMW.

Offender descriptions:
#1 - Drove the BMW. Male, black, dressed as a woman.
#2 - Male, black, dressed as a woman, 20 years old, 5'7" tall, 120 pounds, wearing a long brown wig, tan pants with a pattern on them, and a black bomber jacket.
On October 6, a male, black, cross-dressing shoplifter struck at Ragstock, 812 W. Belmont, and pushed a store employee to the ground in order to avoid arrest.

The offender in the Ragstock case was seen in the area of Belmont and Halsted two days ago, but he was gone by the time police arrived. On that day, the suspect was said to be wearing a dark weave and a black jacket with a ruffled collar.

Tonight's incident has been initially categorized as a retail theft as detailed in CPD case #HW498215.


  1. I live in Lincoln Park quite close to the site of this crime. Though so many people get caught up in their own backyard and don't pay much attention to things just a bit farther afield, I have been reading this blog with appreciation and interest but also with concern that the activities happening in Wrigleyville and Boystown would ultimately make their way to the southern extreme of the 19th Pct.

    And so they have tonight.

    I can only hope that the not-too-impressive Alderman Michelle Smith of our 43rd Ward takes real action unlike her counterpart to the North, and works to nip this before it becomes all too commonplace in North Lincoln Park.

  2. Double crossed? Really? You guys crack my sht up!