Saturday, October 26, 2013

CHICAGO STYLE: Daylight Break-in At Boystown Pizza Joint

UPDATE: Video of the break-in is now online.

Well, that was bold.

At 8:15 this morning, a would-be thief broke a window at Pie Hole Pizza, 3477 N. Broadway, then went inside and tried to steal an iPad from the restaurant's counter.
The still-secured iPad can be seen dangling
from the counter in this photo from
Pie Hole Pizza Joint's Facebook page.

It seems the good folks at Pie Hole had already considered that someone might try to steal their iPad because it was well-secured. The thief ran away empty-handed.

One witness reported the offender to be male, black, dressed in all black clothing, last seen running east on Cornelia toward the lake from Broadway.

Another witness said the offender was a female, black, in her 20's, dressed in brown clothes and work boots. She was last seen heading northbound on Pine Grove from Cornelia, a block east of Broadway.

Then, a third witness said a man matching the description above, wearing a baseball hat and nylon pants, entered the store while the female stood on the corner acting as look-out.

The matter is recorded as an attempted burglary in CPD case #HW507857.

UPDATE 6:22PM: Added photo from the restaurant's Facebook page.


  1. Good. The owner of this place don't have any problem with attracting the thuggy acting crowd. So, how does it feel being a victim of crime,pie hole?

    1. I'm curious as to how a pizza restaurant can attract a "thuggy acting crowd". They feed people. Its not like they have a Thug Special with extra mushroom.

    2. Piehole received quite a bit of community pressure on their previous location on Roscoe near Halsted. The debate and history may be found online.

    3. If you are curious as to how they attract thugs, you are very unaware of what goes on there.

  2. Maybe he was just eager to get some of that good 'hole'

  3. It couldn't happen to a more deserving business owner.

  4. "Piehole received quite a bit of community pressure on their previous location on Roscoe near Halsted. The debate and history may be found online."

    Care to give a link, or at least suggest some search terms? Because "piehole Chicago community pressure" doesn't come back with anything.

    1. The search below will pull up a few. We also tried to find stories about resistance that Pie Hole encountered before moving to their current location but we weren't successful.

      By the way, in our experience, operates much differently from when they were located at Roscoe and Halsted. We rarely (if ever) have seen the loitering, sidewalk blocking, and generally poor neighborliness of the Roscoe operation in its new location.