Sunday, October 13, 2013

BAD APPLE: A "Fruit" Cares About Our Neighborhood

When a witness reportedly saw two victims get punched in the face at Roscoe and Halsted around 3 o'clock this morning, he called 911 to report what he saw.

Then, he went a step further. He followed the offender to Clark and Belmont and called 911 again to report where he and the offender were located.

No victims had called 911 in the interim. Police officers are slow to get involved if a victim is not present to sign a complaint.

When a dispatcher reported the witness and alleged offender's whereabouts, a police officer fired off an unfortunate response: Is the caller a victim, the officer asked, or "is he just some fruit who's following them?"


Thank you, neighbor, for getting involved. You did the right thing and we hope you will do the same thing should you ever encounter a similar situation.

As for the produce-popping po-po, he may be in the wrong district.
Image: We Blog NY


  1. You might be jumping to conclusions here. Note that in Chicagoese "fruit" can also mean weird or eccentric.

  2. So it now looks like the CPD needs to provide us with definitions of who is qualified to report a crime. Shame on us for thinking anyone could.

    This clown is probably similar to the many other officers in the past that the city has had to pay out millions to cover their misconduct.

  3. I think we all know what he meant. I'd be interested in that officers badge number.. I'm sure his Sgt. would be too.

  4. Unfortunately this attitude is the rule, not the exception. They just chose those derogatory words because of the neighborhood they are in. If they were in another neighborhood, they would have chosen other derogatory words. Here we have a citizen that is actually trying to help the cops catch a real criminal and this is the attitude they have. Perhaps citizens wouldn’t feel the need to do this if the cops were getting the situation under control. The problems are a lot more than just manpower, it’s an attitude problem in the entire department as well. Do we really need to wonder why the citizens have so little faith in the police in our neighborhood? This is why.
    Our police force should be thankful that the citizens are engaged and trying to help. If they want to have an attitude about something, they need to start having anger towards the criminals, not the citizens that are trying to help catch the criminals.

  5. Like we dont need all the help that we can get.

  6. They are understaffed. Rahm and McJersey won't hire police. On the weekends the beat should be Halsted/Clark and Belmont. LIke how Division Street detail was years ago.

  7. We know there are some cops out there who are very homophobic. Sometimes, they just drag their heels in responding to our calls. Sad but true.

    1. It is true and Emanuel wants to also create the facade that crime is down. He is crime and directing the police and states attorney to file lower charges so a felony ( theft of a 500 dollar iPhone become a nothing simple theft. This is a by design to placate the thugs and lower crime statistics so it looks like hrs doing a good job.

  8. Let's start off by saying if that actually is what the cop said they are wrong, recorded and easily traceable and should receive discipline. Getting away from that it still stands and this is important... No victim no crime. Cops are hesitant to get involved because they can't do anything without a victim. In order to arrest someone they need them actually to be pointed out, witness in this account doesn't matter. Why ? Because there is no victim to state a crime was committed against them! Was it a battery or horseplay? Was it a robbery or was the offender just getting their property back from an old friend and the witness perceived the other party to be victims? My point here is just because a third party alleges that someone is an offender doesn't mean they are! Not withou a victim to step forward.

  9. RE: Aris

    From, 2/20/13:

    “This facility will just provide the same model of health care regardless of insurance,” Brown said. “We don’t turn anyone away.”

    Sooo..this means that the BYC really isnt needed if they won't turn people away.

  10. For the record, that first comment was tongue in cheek.

    That said, let's not throw the baby out with the bath water.

  11. Anonymous said...
    For the record, that first comment was tongue in cheek.

    That said, let's not throw the baby out with the bath water.
    Bath watermelon?

  12. Good for tuttie fruity. At least he cares enough to call. I called the other night for a near unconscious drunk the other night on a side street. The Police came to help him after 20 min. I noticed the car was from another sector but at least they sent someone. I have nasty OC sprays and a 16" airweight baton so I dont become the next victim.

  13. These comments are typical of the disrespect that the police department under Emanuel for the LGBT community. He feels that he and Tunney can do whatever they want and the community will still vote for them. His arrogance shows no bounds. We have to show him otherwise in the next election.