Monday, September 09, 2013

"CONGESTED": Wrigley, B-Town Score More August Robberies Than The Entire 18th District

If anyone still believes that Wrigleyville and Boystown residents should "expect" to have as much violent crime and robberies as we have developed over the past couple of years because the decades-old bar strips and century-old stadium are "suddenly" attracting people to the area or because, as the alderman and police commander falsely claim, our neighborhood is just so darned congested, they should read on.

With the city's release of crime data for August 31, we learned this:

During the month of August, the entire 18th police district, blue on the map to the left, reported 26 robberies.

Wrigleyville and Boystown's section of the 19th district, colored red, had 26 plus 8 more. 34 robberies.

We also racked up more than twice as many robberies as the 1st police district, colored green on the map, which includes the entire Loop business district.

The picture below is what the 18th district looks like from the Lake. It's home to Navy Pier; The Magnificent Mile; The River North, Division Street, and Rush Street entertainment districts; Lincoln Park Zoo; DePaul University; Northwestern and Loyola Universities' 
downtown campuses; Northwestern and Children's Memorial Hospitals; skyscrapers including The John Hancock Building and Trump Tower; The Merchandise Mart; three miles of the Lakefront Path, including Oak Street Beach and North Avenue Beach; the Gold Coast, Old Town, and about two-thirds of the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

It's hard to believe that Wrigleyville and Boystown are more congested, have more nightlife, and have more people wandering the streets with expensive stuff than all of THAT. But our alderman and police department say it's true, so it must be true, right?

Boring statistics stuff: The Wrigleyville/Boystown count of 34 is the number of robberies within the official boundaries of police beats 1923, 1924 and 1925. It does not include robberies that occurred south of the dotted line that runs down the middle of Belmont Avenue or north of the dotted line in the middle of Irving Park Road. CWB's Daily Ticker includes robberies on the excluded sides of Belmont and Irving Park in order to maintain an apples-to-apples comparison of crime statistics before and after the merger and beat realignments of the 19th and 23rd districts.


  1. The 18th District has more officers.

  2. And if you don't know this, the 18th District gets a hell of a lot more police coverage. They get a daily Violence Reduction Initiative of some 40 cops. Their tact teams are hired back on their days off to work IN the district. They have a bike detail that covers both districts of at least 2dozen officers. They get the mounted unit. Don't you all wish your district would get such coverage?

  3. I can see the shit the officers in the 19th will be catching for not not reporting enough robberies.
    The officers of the 18th district are obviously way better at not reporting stuff then our guys, and the sort of behavior displayed by the 19th, the not not reporting enough robberies sort of behavior is going to find our guys with "boots up their butts" if our tough as nails Alderman Tunney gets his way!
    The not not reporting stuff quota will be hanging like Damocles' sword over our officer's heads.
    Like these poor bastards need something else to make their jobs shittier.
    God bless our police force. They can use all the help they can get.

    Danny in Lakeview

  4. So when does all our fear, anger and frustration leave the four cozy walls of CWB and move to a place where we can get some attention and action?
    What do we have to do?
    You'd think having a few off-duty officers roughed up would piss off somebody enough that a "get tough" attitude would be noticeable.

  5. I drove downtown a week ago on Sunday night...there were 2-3 cops standing on Michigan avenue on EACH CORNER.

    And that, my friends, is what cuts down on crime.

    But hey, I'm sure l'il Tommy Tunney is tirelessly crusading for more officers in our area.

  6. There are also the most bars in a district with Halsted and clark and for some reason other districts have a real bar detail that handles all the bars. Here in 019 they take or down beat cars mostly on clark and Belmont but no cars ever sitting on Halsted where there are more robberies then Clark street. Who is the Bozo in charge here anyways?

  7. Maybe the bars in 18 pay more street tax to the machine.

  8. Great job reporting the facts in such a way, even the top brass at the CPD can realize this epidemic too. Well lets not get ahead of ourselves. Living on the border of the 1924/1933 beats I am interested in the number of robberies during that same timeframe in August for beat 1933. I noticed the post last Wednesday about the robbery on W Barry and was wondering. Thank you.

  9. Hi Anonymous,

    1933 had 3 robberies in August of this year and 4 in August of last year.

    2 of this year's 3 August robberies were in the 900 block of Belmont.

    Since the district merger on March 4, 2012, about 25% of your beat's robberies have been in the 900 block of Belmont.

    It looks like the Barry incident you referred to is the "Larry the Cable Guy" report. That's actually a burglary, not a robbery.

    The difference is that robbery involves taking something from a person by force or threat of force.

    Burglary is entering a place without authority and with the intention of committing a felony or theft.

  10. Yep, more personnel in 18. But if you think that robberies aren't quickly and routinely reclassified to thefts at a more rapid pace than 19, I have a bridge to sell you. Can't let those tourists know the true crime statistics. Pam Zekman reported on this years ago. The practice is alive and well and expected from the very top.

    1. Well Pam Zekman needs to move her ass and get this story updated.
      Or remember when Walter Jacobson disguised himself, and reported his stories as a homeless man? Maybe we can get him to stagger down Aldine in short-shorts and a tank-top screaming into his bedazzled iPhone while Pam Z reports from some nearby bushes!
      I'm kidding, sort of, but it's better than sobbing for our beautiful city being destroyed by corruption.

    2. Too funny @anonymous! Laughed so hard I peed a little. The worse it gets the funnier it is? Maybe?

  11. Maybe we could get Bulldog John Drummond to investigate in a halter top and spandex pants.

    1. Now that conjures up a scary image!!!

  12. What about Tom Tunney patrolling his streets in a halter top and spandex pants? Sure would look better than what he wore to the August CAPS meeting or to his useless little neighborhood walk a few weeks ago!

  13. I also hear this district has a lot of officers on the medical with fake illnesses just to be off the summer. Can this be checked into? Is there really a female officer on medical for over 6 months with cramps?? And from my source It is the same officers on the medical every year. So thank you to the few officers that are out here trying to fight all this crime for us, we salute you :)