Sunday, September 01, 2013

THE OLD SWITCHEROO: Man Brandishing Knife Is Disarmed, Beaten, Stabbed in Wrigleyville

A man who was armed with a knife seemed to have the upper hand in a Wrigleyville fight this morning. That is, until a crowd took matters into its own hands and "neutralized" the offender.

Officers were waved down at 3:02AM by citizens who reported that a fight in the intersection of Clark and Addison involved a man with a knife.

Serving suggestion.
The melee made its way east on Addison toward the nearby Starbucks, where officers called for an ambulance to treat the formerly-knife-wielding man who had been disarmed, beaten silly, and stabbed with his own knife.

An ambulance transported the highly combative man, whom officers referred to as the "victim-slash-offender," to Thorek Hospital, where he expressed his thanks by spitting in a paramedic's face.

Thorek employees were having none of that and they rendered the victim/offender unconscious with an injection.

There has been no arrest in the stabbing.

Two case numbers:

The aggravated battery with a  knife/cutting instrument is HW432644.

The battery against the paramedic is HW432645