Sunday, September 01, 2013

THE OLD SWITCHEROO: Man Brandishing Knife Is Disarmed, Beaten, Stabbed in Wrigleyville

A man who was armed with a knife seemed to have the upper hand in a Wrigleyville fight this morning. That is, until a crowd took matters into its own hands and "neutralized" the offender.

Officers were waved down at 3:02AM by citizens who reported that a fight in the intersection of Clark and Addison involved a man with a knife.

Serving suggestion.
The melee made its way east on Addison toward the nearby Starbucks, where officers called for an ambulance to treat the formerly-knife-wielding man who had been disarmed, beaten silly, and stabbed with his own knife.

An ambulance transported the highly combative man, whom officers referred to as the "victim-slash-offender," to Thorek Hospital, where he expressed his thanks by spitting in a paramedic's face.

Thorek employees were having none of that and they rendered the victim/offender unconscious with an injection.

There has been no arrest in the stabbing.

Two case numbers:

The aggravated battery with a  knife/cutting instrument is HW432644.

The battery against the paramedic is HW432645


  1. Good.

    We need more of this. There are more of us than there are of them. We just have to step up and help... or "mob up" as they refer to it.

    If you see someone being robbed and clearly fighting for their life get in there. I know how to handle myself and won't hesitate. I'd just like to know that the all to often scared voyeurs, particularly on the trains, are going to have my back.

    Times are changing. We have to fight for or neighborhoods in every way we can.

  2. Who all was involved in the fight? Was it just a big group of gang bangers?

  3. Where the hell are all the police at?? We pay the highest taxes living in this area and seems the streets are taken over on the weekends and the police can not do anything. Why don't the police take back the streets and have enough officers at night, in the afternoons it seems like they are all over and writing you tickets.

  4. This can not be true I was told that 2 of there tact teams were to be working as entertainment detail on the weekends for clark and Halsted streets. Where the Hell were they at? Took off on a Saturday night? Bosses let this happen. Is this not there job now to be a detail in wrigleyville and boystown.

  5. Residents pay taxes so the bars don't have to. Their transactions are primarily done in cash and can severely under report their tax obligation.

  6. And why is the beat car from boystown beat 1925R not even on the beat on the weekends?? It is at belmont and clark as a foot post. On another beat?? Really? You take away our beat car with all the robberies and batteries on Halsted, we can't have a beat car?? Who is the simpleton in charge over there at the District anyways? Might be time to move away from here like may others are already doing.....

  7. I'm glad that this happened. I hate to be callous, but the citizens need to take the streets back since the police can't. I'm not advocating attacking people but if you should defend yourself and break their face in response, then I'm ok with that.

  8. Lincoln Square JackassSep 1, 2013, 4:10:00 PM

    Most posts on CWB have at least one response from someone saying Lakeview residents pay the highest taxes. I'll assume you mean property taxes. Please stop saying that you pay the highest taxes, you don't. Your property tax amount is based on your property value. Think about this city, do you think you are paying the highest rate in Chicago? You are not. Anyway, how does that help the crime problem? Do you think city services should be administered to citizens based on their property tax contribution? The thugs are in this area because they found it easy to victimize people with toys easy to steal. All of Chicago needs more police, crime is up everywhere. Cops are overworked and in a seemingly impossible uphill battle. We need a new mayor who will balance a budget without sacrificing city services and education. Remember that when you are gambling in his casino that will get built with our TIF dollars.

  9. "Do you think city services should be administered to citizens based on their property tax contribution"

    Yes, someone has to stick around to keep the lights on.

  10. There has to be more people paying into the coffers than people taking from them. Eventually the payers will pack up and take their taxes with them.